Neontools 2.0: Digital Marketing Technology For The Global Creator Economy

Luxembourg-based agency, neon marketing technology, continues to open up digital marketing and creative entrepreneurship to the masses with the launch of their new neontools. This sees a complete revamp of their original marketing toolbox, creating a more scalable SaaS platform that can compete at a global level.

Photo (left to right), Julie Wieland (Lead Designer), Misch Strotz (CEO), Mitchio Weber (Full Stack Dev), Jacques Wengier (COO) / Image Credits: neon marketing technology

Neontools was originally launched in 2018 in response to the frustration creators and digital marketers felt at having to use separate tools – often with hefty subscription fees – for each element of their online marketing campaigns. The agency was able to bootstrap their own solution, consolidating these individual functions into one, simple, free platform. This enabled them to tap into the needs of a growing market of content creators.

Tapping into the booming creator economy

And their timing couldn’t have been better. The influencer economy has grown rapidly since then. There are now over 50 million creators across all the major social media platforms and, according to influencer marketing agency, Mediakix, the industry is predicted to be worth $15bn by 2022. Over the last few years, perhaps partly due to the pandemic, more people are seeing the benefits of building a business on their own terms by tapping into the opportunities these platforms offer.

Neontools plays a key role in helping people to realise these ambitions. Their platform is already being used by more than 50,000 creators and marketers globally, from the US to Brazil to Australia, and has seen rapid growth in 2021 among TikTok influencers in particular. According to entrepreneur and influencer, Jesse Eckel, (with 225K TikTok followers) neontools is the ‘one tool to rule them all’.

Neontools 2.0: an 8-in-1 tool for digital marketers and content creators

In response to growing demand, neon marketing technology took the major step of redesigning the original tool, adding in the new features users requested and improving the user experience. According to recently appointed CTO, Carlos Gonser, “2.0 does not only include many of the long-awaited features users were asking for but has also become easier to use, more effective, and faster.”

Neontools remains free to users for the basic functions, which include a URL shortener (, hashtag analyser, social auditing tool, QR code generator and reach calculator. In addition to this, the company has launched a premium version on a monthly subscription. This enables domain customisation of the URLs and the possibility to create simple, eye-catching microsites with domain customisation through

Shaping the creative entrepreneurs of tomorrow

As for the future, neon marketing technology aims to grow further, continuing to make digital marketing tools more accessible to all. They’ve set themselves a goal of reaching 1 million users, and the new, state-of-the-art tech stack supports this scalability by enabling exciting updates in future.

Alongside technical support, the company is also dedicated to educating new and aspiring creative entrepreneurs through neonacademy. According to CEO and co-founder, Misch Strotz, “it has always been our mission to empower digital creatives with the best possible skills and tools to get the most out of their work.” He understands, however, that not everyone has the money to invest in starting out, and that’s where their new suite of products can support. “We want to change this by building an accessible, free and easy-to-use platform for as many people as possible.“

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