NTT and SES Team Up To Deliver NTT’s Edge As A Service

SES and NTT signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)at Mobile World Congress in Feb 2023 (Photo © NTT Ltd.)

NTT and SES have announced a partnership to provide satellite-based edge and private 5G network solutions to businesses globally. The joint venture combines NTT’s networking and enterprise-managed services with SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit communications system, O3b mPOWER.

This offering aims to provide enterprises with reliable connectivity that can meet surges in connectivity demand or function beyond the reach of terrestrial networks. The collaboration’s primary focus is on expanding and enhancing coverage for enterprises operating in regions with limited terrestrial networks or requiring high-performance connectivity. Industries such as mining, energy, maritime, and manufacturing can leverage the joint solution to enhance their digital transformation plans and increase revenue streams.

The joint solution will provide coverage to over 190 countries, with public-private roaming, and enable enterprises to gain greater control and ownership over their networks. NTT will offer use-case consulting and design, application development, system integration, implementation, and managed services. At the same time, SES will provide end-to-end satellite networks via O3b mPOWER, which will seamlessly integrate with NTT’s offering. NTT’s Edge as a Service includes IoT, Edge Compute, and Private 5G connectivity, delivered globally.

“Private 5G is a transformative power that enables enterprises to build upon existing network infrastructure and deliver reliable, high bandwidth, and low latency connections for multiple use cases operating on a single Private 5G network.”

Olivier Posty, Country Managing Director Luxembourg, NTT Ltd.

NTT’s Private 5G and Edge Compute services have been designed to accelerate business process automation, reducing downtime, improving user experience, and optimizing costs. The full-stack, managed Edge Compute services can deliver real-time actionable intelligence to drive processing efficiency and accelerate business performance. This fully managed Private 5G and Edge Compute solution is a unique offering that allows enterprises to build upon their existing network infrastructure and provide reliable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency connections for multiple use cases operating on a single Private 5G network.

The partnership between NTT and SES is an industry-first that brings together massive amounts of expertise from both companies, providing customers with comprehensive and resilient connectivity solutions. As businesses worldwide increasingly turn to technology to drive growth and innovation, high-speed connectivity and resilient networks are critical factors in driving demand and fueling digital transformation. By combining their respective strengths, NTT and SES can offer customers innovative Edge as a Service solutions to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

The joint venture is an exciting development that will benefit a wide range of industries by providing reliable and efficient connectivity. It is a crucial step forward for companies that are struggling with network infrastructure limitations or require connectivity in remote areas. The partnership between NTT and SES is an industry-leading move that will undoubtedly pave the way for other telecommunications providers to provide more efficient and reliable services.

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