OKO Graduates From Morgan Stanley And Lights Up Times Square

Simon Schwall, Co-founder of OKO lights up Times Square (© OKO)

After graduating from the Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab Programme, the climatetech insurer lit up Times Square, celebrating their continued partnership with the investment bank.

It’s a pleasant surprise when Times Square highlights companies not actively destroying the planet, even more so when they are affiliated with Luxembourg.

Recently this was the privilege of none other than OKO, a climatetech insurer designing and distributing climate insurance for farmers and agro-industries in Africa.

Having just graduated from the 5-month Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab Programme and performed a dual-office live pitch in London and New York, OKO was well deserving of some time in the New York limelight. Especially since Morgan Stanley decided to invest in their vision, validating the climatetech’s new B2B2C approach.

“We are proud to be part of this exclusive group of startups selected by Morgan Stanley for their potential and their positive impact. The support provided accelerated our strategic transition to a partnership model where we work with banks, input providers, and agricultural commodity traders.” tells Simon Schwall, co-founder of OKO

Having already reached 27,000 farmers to date, OKO aims to use this moment to continue scaling, building resilience for agricultural value chains, and getting closer to its goal of reaching 1 million farmers by 2027.

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