On-Demand Roadside Assistance With Charlie24

Till date, the startup has developed a mobile application that allows drivers to order immediate roadside assistance from local professionals at a clear and upfront announced price via their smartphone.

Photo: Co-founder & CEO Tommaso Lemessi and Charlie24’s team are extending the services to four other markets this year/ Credits © Charlie24

What is your startup about?

Charlie24 applies the digital economy to roadside assistance in just a few clicks.

We disrupt the legacy roadside assistance model by easing the process: with Charlie24, you don’t have to wait in line at a call center anymore. The best suitable and available local service provider is dispatched without delay at the best price.

We created Charlie24 to re-design and innovate the roadside assistance business model by using mobile technology, real-time data and machine-to-machine communication providing the best in class customer journey when ordering roadside assistance.

How did you come up with the idea?

The co-founders of Charlie24 have 30 years of cumulated experience in the roadside assistance industry. We have been working together for the leading player in the market.

What did you achieve so far?

We have launched our B2C brand in Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy as well as at the French and German borders. We have established several B2B partnerships in those markets. In Italy, we have created a joint venture with a leading insurance company on the market.

“We are a webapp service because we want our service to be accessible from any connected device in the easiest and fastest way possible.”

Who are your clients / partners?

Our business partners are car dealers, insurance companies, assistance companies, tow companies, fuel companies, car maintenance chains, and tire distributors.

What’s your USP?

Charlie24 offers a full, digital and simple turnkey roadside assistance solution, from automated registration and entitlement checking to streamlined operation service provision and claim management operations.

Charlie24 allows the assistance industry to streamline operations and reduce cost while providing their customers the kind of real-time and connected digital experience they now expect.

Our B2B2C and B2B programs are additional services that can naturally be proposed in the already existing ecosystem and community for loyalty and customer retention programs but also aiming at cost savings for fleets.

Do you plan to launch the app on other markets?

We do not have a downloadable app. We are a webapp service because we want our service to be accessible from any connected device in the easiest and fastest way possible. We are extending our services to four other markets this year.

What’s next?

We are launching new products for the B2C and B2B market to attract existing segment of the market with new light, valuable, simple and flexible solutions providing the additional services the automotive industry is looking for.

This article  was first published in Silicon Luxembourg magazine. Read our full Digital Entrepreneurship edition.

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