Personal Finance Startup Nexvia Helps You Manage Your Property Transactions

Nexvia, a Luxembourg start-up, introduces innovative “personal finance” tools for private individuals engaging in property transactions. The new and free innovative platform provides users who are looking to buy, sell or rent property with financial technology – FinTech – tools that facilitate their investment decisions.

Facilitate decision making process in real estate investments

The website is initially offering easily accessible, free financial calculation tools for private individuals interested in buying, selling or renting a property. The tools, which combine finance and technology, are designed to facilitate decision making in real estate (property) investments.

Pierre Clement, Nexvia’s founder explains “investments in property often involve important financial decisions in one’s life. However, since real estate property not only involves the question of purchasing, but also touches on complex financial and tax issues, we believe that individuals deserve professional expertise and better access to information in order to make the right decisions.“

Nexvia explores personal finance FinTech trend

Nexvia provides support in making a financial decision in this area. In FinTech terms, we refer to these as ‘personal finance’ tools. Today, neither in Luxembourg nor its neighboring areas, does there exist a similar service offering such high performance tools that provide detailed estimates in property transactions and thus enable a clearer view of the long-term investment costs.

Nexvia is the first provider on the market to propose complete and free evaluation tools that analyze all of the variables that could have an influence on the estimated value of a property and provide to its users an indicative valuation of their home or the home they intend to buy.

More positive, transparent and comfortable experience

“The principal objective of Nexvia is to help make property buying and selling a more positive, transparent and comfortable experience”, added Pierre Clement. “With the other tools, we are able to analyze all of the relative costs relating to the purchase, holding and selling of a property and/or related investments without failing to take into consideration in the calculations personal tax factors in Luxembourg which can affect the costs.”

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