Rethinking Our Relationships

Like other professionals, communicators are in a “stratosphere of change”. Staying on course in this turbulent environment is not always easy. It is time to reinvent the relationships that unites us. In a world in motion, sharing takes on a new and fuller meaning.

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Today, accompanying a customer on his communication journey implies mastering the contents and all the distribution channels offered by the newest technologies. From Community Management to e-watch, digital channels allow us to fully disseminate our messages while keeping an eye on our e-reputation. Technology is at the heart of our activities. As is grey matter, too, because we need it to generate added value and consulting, which are necessary to support companies.

A desire for openness

To be truly efficient, the communication strategies we deploy must be articulated in a climate of trust, transparency and mutual respect. Only quality relationships allow us to truly combine our energies and know-how so that together, clients and agency, are able to meet the challenges and achieve the objectives they set. The future lies in sharing, not in turning inward.

Launched a few weeks ago by Keep Contact, Saaskia™, the artificial intelligence tool specialising in e-watch and e-monitoring, is fully in line with this desire to open up. We have been using it on a daily basis, for years. The agency could have continued to operate it exclusively. But as powerful as it is, Saaskia™ remains a tool. By sharing it, Keep Contact allows its partners to gain in performance and autonomy, to follow developments in their markets, to capture trends, to learn about innovations but also to watch over their reputation, especially on social networks. Benefits that prove to be all the more appreciable as Saaskia™ is intelligent and allows, also, its user to free up time.

“Being able to say ‘we’, talking about Keep Contact and its ecosystem to, together, move forward, that’s what drives me.”

Saying “we”

By making this choice, the agency offers its clients and partners, the opportunity to grow, to further enrich the tool and to use it to initiate innovative projects and new collaborations. In other words, the chance to be part of this constructive, partnership-based, healthy and ethical relationship on which the Greater Paris Agency is based, for the benefit of the group. A precious and flexible relationship because “it” is priceless.

“The multiple exchanges and feedback I have had following the launch of Saaskia™, with clients, partners but also with competitors, have already taught me that this strong desire to want to work differently and to reconnect with meaning, many of us carry it within us. I am the first to be delighted by this. In an unpredictable world, being able to say “we”, talking about Keep Contact and its “ecosystem” to move forward together, is what drives me,” concludes Ludivine Plessy, founder of the Keep Contact agency.

Keep Contact, a “fresh content agency

Founded by Ludivine Plessy, Keep Contact is an independent agency that has been established in Luxembourg for nearly 15 years. The agency supports its clients in many areas such as sensitive communication or crisis communication, press and public relations, media intelligence with Saaskia™, communication consulting, digital strategy and fresh content creation.

This article is brought to you by Keep Contact and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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