Review: “Take Off” Races Against The Clock For Science

Take Off’s mentors and presenters Joseph Rodesch “Mr. Science,” and Lucie Zeches at the avant-première of the show (Photo © Take Off)

Step into the realm of Take Off, a riveting Luxembourg game show aiming to introduce young adults to the wondrous world of science.

Premiering on RTL, RTL Play, and YouTube, and hosted by Olivier Catani, Take Off shines a spotlight on the captivating fusion of science, competition, and unwavering determination. 

While the competition started with 26 contestants, at the end of the first episode there were already only left 12 fighting for the prize of €10 000.

And then there were 12

Introducing two mentors and coaches to lead and accompany contestants, adds an educational aspect to the show, as young competitors seek guidance in their journey. Joseph Rodesch “Mr. Science,” and Lucie Zeches, a “science communicator,” bring their much-needed experience from science and research. 

Both coaches constantly motivate contestants pushing them to do better, reminding the audience and participants that while the show is based on competition, the goal is to positively influence and motivate.

The directors of Take Off have done a wonderful job, planting “easter eggs,” and trivial quizzes throughout the show. 

Take Off: A New Science Show Launches In Luxembourg

Eyes on the prize 

During the challenges, contestants undergo interviews, in which directors and producers have utilised and highlighted the educational background and work of young participants. This initiative presents a great opportunity to demonstrate Luxembourg’s significance as a hub for scientific research. It is clear that this show encompasses the “best of the best,” of the young science-interested youth of Luxembourg.

The challenges are intellectual and physical, where in the labyrinth challenge, contestants must find a way to transport the spare parts take-off rocket into pallets, in under four minutes. Candidates are taught efficiency and problem-solving, as they have several options and tools to complete a given task or challenge.

These 12 young science-hungry contestants are the best among 150 registered candidates, as host Catani highlights in episode two. The Andre Losch Foundation and Fonds National De La Recherche have presented the importance of having the solid mathematics foundation of the Luxembourgish education system, as contestants use what they learned in geometry, algebra, physics, and even geography to complete tasks. 

Take Off displays the unity and importance of education and community in Luxembourg, while supporting good sportsmanship among youth. As anticipation mounts towards the finale, the show premiers every Sunday, at 7 pm in Luxembourgish, with English subtitles, so buckle up and prepare for lift-off, as this scientific adventure is poised to captivate audiences and inspire a new generation of science enthusiasts.

For those interested in participating in Season 2 of the show, registrations open in February 2024. Register here.

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