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Founded by Ludivine Plessy, Keep Contact is a member of the National Union of Press Officers and Public Relations Advisors (Photo © Keep Contact)

As an expert in communication, Keep Contact is also distinguished by its great mastery of digital technologies. This double expertise has fed the development of Saaskia™️, our artificial intelligence tool applied to e-watch and e-monitoring of the media. A solution at the service of the company’s strategy that we have designed for our clients and intend to develop with them.

Our business has been evolving strongly for several years, due to technological developments. Social networks, the metaverse and artificial intelligence tools have opened up new perspectives. We have to be constantly agile. To acquire new skills, innovate and reinvent our practices. To evolve the relationships we have with our partners. To support our customers who rely on us to understand these tools and how they work, and to provide them with advice and solutions to leverage this available added value.

Saaskia™️: cutting-edge technology for the benefit of all

A role that we gladly take on, even to the point of developing our own solutions, as demonstrated by Saaskia™️, our artificial intelligence tool applied to media monitoring in Luxembourg and internationally. While Saaskia™️ is technologically powerful, we have taken care to create a value-added tool that is useful, easy to use and customizable for our clients. To adapt it to their needs, they can simply change keywords or reshape the list of media to be scanned. Instead of managing it independently, it is also possible to rely on our watchers in order to receive, every morning, a customized press review, which meets precise specifications. Saaskia™️ is complete, flexible and agile, since it is always possible to make it evolve to enrich the press review with additional data (volumes of articles, tone, advertising equivalence…) in order to optimize its exploitation for strategic purposes, for example.

“Perhaps we will inject generative AI solutions like ChatGPT, for example […]”

Ludivine Plessy, founder of Keep Contact

Focus on value-added information

We have chosen not to position Saaskia™️ on social networks (which does not mean that we should not communicate on these media or monitor them, of course). There are two reasons for this. First, it is difficult to comply with copyright and GPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules. For Saaskia™️, we have obtained all the necessary authorizations from the concerned organizations, so that the users of the tool can use it and exploit it, in all serenity. The second is more pragmatic. Devoting financial and human resources to monitoring social networks, as part of a media watch worthy of the name, is a waste of time given the flow of information. Moreover, it is not possible to access all the channels and sources. In this sense, it seems to us more appropriate to carry out this type of monitoring oneself, by taking advantage of the parameters available on social networks to concentrate one’s “research”. On this type of media, a post of a few words chases another one. It therefore seemed more relevant to us to focus our monitoring on media that generate “content” and analysis rather than maintaining an “infobesity” that is too often sterile and unmanageable.

For a company, focusing its monitoring on what is “valuable” means enriching its practices and strategy, reinforcing its agility and being able to anticipate. It also means feeding its reflection or vision in order to be able to communicate intelligently by sharing quality information, which is of interest to journalists, the media and their “readers”. The loop is thus closed.

A trusted partner

Saaskia™️ will continue to grow in excellence. Perhaps we will inject generative AI solutions like ChatGPT, for example, in order to produce summaries, refine the perspective of information or enrich prospective analyses. What is certain is that these developments are being made and will be made in partnership with its users, with the bridges deployed within our ecosystem, both on the technological and human levels, encouraging exchanges. Our customers count on us to take over and exploit the technological tools for the benefit of their brand or their project. We count on them to help us make them more efficient. As 360° communication strategists, digital and technological advisors, and business intelligence activators, we position ourselves, above all, as an effective and trusted partner.

Keep Contact

Founded by Ludivine Plessy, Keep Contact is an independent agency established for nearly 16 years in Luxembourg. In addition to its expertise in “media intelligence” with Saaskia™, the agency supports its clients in many areas: sensitive communication, crisis communication, press and public relations, communication and digital strategy consulting, and refreshing content creation.

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