Saaskia Elevates Media Monitoring With AI Updates

Ludivine Plessy, Victoria Cutaio, Justine George, Lou Poirrier, Laurent Feipel, & Alexandra Misilo (© Keep Contact).

The enhancements in the AI-powered e-monitoring solution will now allow users to access the latest value-added services and create concise, readable infographics with just a few clicks.

Established in Luxembourg nearly 15 years ago, The Keep Contact Agency specialises in press and public relations, media monitoring, and business intelligence. They recently announced significant enhancements to Saaskia™, their advanced AI-powered e-monitoring solution that provides a competitive edge by effectively managing all information flows.

Launched in 2020, Saaskia™ has now been enriched with new functionalities that leverage data analysis to generate reliable, understandable, and shareable infographics, greatly benefiting business strategy.

A new strategic tool for businesses

Since its inception, Saaskia™ has evolved into a crucial asset for organisations by optimising the operation and analysis of data generated through media monitoring. 

The 2024 update further strengthens its role, providing users with a comprehensive dashboard and graphical representations of valuable information. 

Companies can now access data on the number of articles published over a specific period, advertising equivalent value, article tone (positive, neutral, or negative), and the most prolific media sources covering key topics.

“Saaskia™ highlights key information for companies and enhances its value. With just a few clicks, users can design an infographic that presents all the available information and analyses concisely, readably, and precisely. This agile presentation can also be easily shared via email.”

Ludivine Plessy, CEO of Keep Contact.

In 2023, Saaskia™ integrated generative Artificial Intelligence, which enabled the tool to offer new value-added services. These include the automatic generation of summaries, social media posts, and multilingual text transcriptions. The AI capabilities have significantly enhanced the efficiency and scope of the tool’s data analysis and presentation features.

Furthermore, to continue to prioritise human relationships in its customer interactions, the agency has welcomed a new talent, Victoria Cutaio as the Saaskia™ Business Development & Account Manager. Victoria will be the primary contact for companies and customers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, focusing on all aspects of the Saaskia™ tool.

Keep Contact is dedicated to helping its community fully leverage AI in e-monitoring and communication. The agency shares its insights, advice, and best practices on LinkedIn, covering AI developments and topics related to press relations, crisis communication, and digital strategy.

“Saaskia™ highlights key information for the company and takes care of making the most of it.” 

Ludivine Plessy, founder and CEO.

Leading in AI monitoring

As a member of the International Federation of Bureaux of Press Extracts (FIBEP), Keep Contact is at the forefront of integrating AI into monitoring processes. 

Ludivine Plessy leads the AI Observatory within FIBEP’s tech commission, focusing on tracking AI developments and providing recommendations for their implementation. Recently, Plessy participated in Tech Day in London, an event that gathered experts from around the world.

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