SkyinQ Represents Luxembourg At Korea Fintech Week

Soyeh Kim, CEO of SkyinQ, on stage at the Korea Fintech Week (Photo © SkyinQ)

Luxembourg showcased its financial prowess at Korea Fintech Week, represented by business accelerator SkyinQ. This event highlighted Luxembourg’s status as a key European financial hub and its role as a gateway to European markets.

SkyinQ, selected as a Consulting Channel Partner for the “2023 Fintech Overseas Expansion Support Program” by Fintech Center Korea, secured its place at Korea Fintech Week. The event drew attention to Luxembourg’s appeal among fintech companies and institutions.

During the three-day event in Seoul, Luxembourg’s presence was marked by SkyinQ’s active participation and support from LHoFT. They presented greetings during the welcome session and joined the Open IR Stage program, attracting significant interest from the fintech sector.

Korea Fintech Week 2023, themed “The New Wave of Fintech,” emphasized collaboration between Korean and foreign fintech players. Hosted by the Fintech Center Korea, the event amplified Luxembourg’s role on the global financial stage.

“The entire event was amazing and with many important financial sector influencers attending. SkyinQ was able to promote Luxembourg to not only Fintech companies but also Fintech organisations and government agencies as well as Korean banks and financial institutions. There was a lot of interest towards Luxembourg and many interesting connections were made”, sums Soyeh Kim, CEO of SkyinQ.

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