Socially Launches SaaS-based Social Networking Platform

Margarita Uretii, Socially’s transformation manager (Photo @ Socially)

Housed at the Luxembourg City Incubator, Socially just launched its web and mobile application-based social networking platform which aims to support clients in creating, better managing and monetising their communities.

Many communities are scattered across the internet and struggle with monetisation because they have difficulty driving engagement and networking on their own sites. Tailored towards “niche communities”, Socially gives its users three modes to choose from (social, professional and pictures) and tailors the platform to the users’ preferences.

“Our platform makes you market-ready in a month with features that take you miles ahead of your competition. If you were to build it with a team of even 100 developers, it would take you 2-3 years at the very least,” says Margarita Uretii, Socially’s transformation manager.

Instead of having to build their online community platforms from scratch, businesses can make use of Socially and its “unique customization features”.

Monetisation and AI tools

When talking about how the platform distinguishes itself from other social networking platforms, Margarita mentions its “ad-engine, subscription, gamification and virtual currency” possibilities.

Businesses for example can choose a perpetual licence, which allows them to “become the owner of [their] social media platform,” giving them the freedom to tailor it to their needs, all while having access to security advantages and OpenAI-powered post generators for a period of three years.

“We have [added] an elaborate user privacy panel which clients can customise based on their brand ideals, users have full control, they can opt in or out as per GDPR guidelines on how they want their profiles to be discovered,” explains Margarita.

Last but not least, users are encouraged to collaborate with developers to provide input on new or desired features, request APIs and implement new functionalities. 

For more information and to try the demo, see here.

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