Steel Shed Solutions: A Scale-Up In Full Growth

The Luxembourg company specialized in the sale of metal buildings via the Internet has been following a positive growth curve since its creation in 2001. With a turnover of more than EUR 28 million in 2018, / is one of the most promising scale-up companies in Luxembourg and intends to continue this growth.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
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What are your goals for 2020?

Our scale-up is known as Steel Shed Solutions (under the brand name of and is “Made in” Luxembourg. It currently employs just over 40 employees and has an increased sales turnover of 90% between 2013 and 2018, achieving 28 million in 2018 and going beyond 32 million in 2019.

We have two complementary objectives to achieve in the upcoming year.

The first is to develop two booming geographical zones in the world of buildings: Africa and Germany. Our concept remains the same. We supply, through a digital platform, functional buildings in kit. These buildings are destined to people in the agricultural, industrial, artisanal and private sectors in more than 50 countries. Our sales are made by distance in Luxembourg.

For this, our marketing team develops the digital centre in order to gain performance and our sales team attends different international professional fairs in different continents (ex: Sencon in Dakar, Batimat in Paris or Agritechnica at Hanovre). This allows us to build a stronger brand.

The HR service’s main goal is to double our current sales service within the next 24 months. Since the beginning of 2019, Steel Shed Solutions has recruited 15 new employees.

The job vacancies are generally for business developers, sales rep assistants, structure and calculation engineers, digital marketers and logisticians.

What is your integration process?

A people-oriented company at full growth must have good employees at the right spots in the company in order to continue increasing its activities.

Our team is composed of mixed age groups with a common state of mind. While recruiting, we focus mainly on their personalities, comprehension capacities, and adaptability. The purpose is to have a good understanding amongst the team members.

The integration is essential in a family business, such as ours. We do not make any distinction between the status of each employee and everybody has the same status, regardless of whether they are employees or interns.

The good understanding and global environment of the company is our priority. For this, we regularly organize events after work, birthdays, and thematic parties. Our employees usually give the ideas themselves.

You have just invested in new facilities. What do your employees think?

The group has invested in new facilities as big as 750 sqm situated in Bertrange, at the Grand-Duché. We have decided to give a new impetus to our employees with more space and comfort.

The employees are happy with the new facilities and even more with the new server, computers, etc. The “older” ones can confirm the path travelled during the last 5 years. They’ve seen us selling a few dozens of buildings each month to more than 25 per week today!

Embrace the challenge and join our team, a human-centred structure with international dimension.

The article is sponsored by Steel Shed Solutions and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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