Student Relocation Provider MoveMe Partners With Baloise

Christine Theodorovics, CEO Baloise (© Baloise).

MoveMe, a startup designed to help students with their relocation in Luxembourg, has signed a partnership with insurance company Baloise. The digital solution aims to simplify post-resettlement tasks like getting insured or opening a bank account.

MoveMe, which finds its roots in the University of Luxembourg Incubator and Entrepreneurship Programme, has added Baloise to a roster of partners, including POST and Spuerkeess. Opening a bank account, getting insured, and choosing a mobile network operator are some of the more common first steps that new arrivals in a country are facing. The startup is therefore looking to bank on the simplification of these processes, having found a niche in the market. It looks to attract clients by offering relocation information, access via a user-friendly web app, assistance in filing documents, as well as exclusive bank, phone, and insurance deals.

“Facing the challenges of administrative procedures for students, MoveMe acts as a breath of fresh air, offering time savings and peace of mind.”

Christine Theodorovics, CEO of Baloise Luxembourg.

The company’s partnership with WeConnect, a shared housing model targeting students, is also in line with its target customer. However, MoveMe’s services are also available to salaried workers looking to relocate to Luxembourg. National statistics bureau Statec estimates that “since the 2011 census, the foreign population has increased by almost 38% to reach, on 8 November 2021, 304,051 people, representing 47.2% of the total population”. Of course, not every resident is a salaried worker or a student, but the numbers indicate a growing population of people relocating to Luxembourg and a need for services streamlining that process.

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