Supermiro Le Club, A Digital HR Tool To Disconnect

Supermiro Le Club team picture (Photo © Supermiro)

In response to a labour market in crisis, Supermiro is launching a new club and HR tool that aims to help members disconnect through a wide range of exclusive activities.

Apart from the overzealous entrepreneur, fewer and fewer people want to spend more hours than necessary at their jobs. This is one of the main findings of a recent study which found that over 60% of job seekers choose to apply for companies that support a healthy work-life balance.

The Great Resignation is one of the symptoms of this new trend. As employees continue jumping ship and applying for companies where the grass is actually greener, new initiatives are being launched to cater to these new employee desires.

Supermiro Le Club is one of these initiatives. A keen observer of the happenings in the greater region, Supermiro has been a reference for social activities in the region for more than seven years.

A Local Taste

While Supermiro Le Club doesn’t claim to reinvent the wheel, it hopes to provide its members with new experiences to enjoy “quality free time”. These can take any shape or form and may include cultural experiences, restaurants, apéros, walking tours, family activities and more.

“The playground is unlimited but above all … local,” as they put it in their press release. “We’ve always been keen, now more than ever, to promote local partners, to encourage closer connections and to boost the local economy by promoting big-hearted entrepreneurs.”

Although employees appear to be the main target audience for Supermiro Le Club, the press release states that the club can also be a great opportunity for team leaders to reconnect with their employees.

“We help team leaders and companies to find great ideas and/or to create custom made formats to gather, entertain, reward their team,” explains eLfy Pins, founder and CEO of Supermiro.

In a time of online meetings and remote work, team leaders will no doubt be curious to explore this alternative.

More Well-Being

Next to the wide range of activities offered by their club, Supermiro also wants to support HR departments develop their CSR strategy and improve their employer brand.

With 3,350 members and an award in their back pocket, Supermiro Le Club has already proven itself to be an HR tool worth checking out.

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