Tango’s Connectivity Solutions: An Interview With João Sousa Guerreiro

João Sousa Guerreiro, Tango’s Product, Marketing, and Digital Director (Photo © Tango)

João Sousa Guerreiro, Tango’s Product, Marketing, and Digital Director, shares key insights into the company’s commitment to simplicity, relevance, and innovation. From high-speed fiber-optic services to inclusive US calls and robust cybersecurity, João discusses Tango’s strategic approach to meeting the dynamic needs of small enterprises and SOHO customers.

What is your role at Tango?

I am the Product, Marketing and Digital Director at Tango. My team’s role is not only to conceive the products & services best suited to our customers’ needs (be it mobile, internet or other value added services), but also to market them in a way that is relevant to our customers and deliver them in through a set of easy to use digital tools.  Our focus is to provide simple, relevant and easy to use products and services so our customers can be connected anywhere and at any time.

How do Tango’s offerings for Small enterprise customers stand out on the market?

First of all we have a tremendous focus in developing very close relationships with our small business customers. We have a team of dedicated Business Experts that actively engages with our business customers to understand their needs and propose dedicated solutions.

As for the offerings we focus on solutions that are simple, affordable and relevant. Our mobile offers provide a wide range of solutions that adapt to different customer needs from à la carte to all-inclusive. Our fiber products are the fastest in the country with speeds up to 2Gbit/s and with the latest Wifi 6 technology included by default. We also offer out-of-the-box solutions like Fix4bizz which is a telephone exchange in the cloud that offers the same functions as the telephone exchanges for large businesses, but with prices starting at €9.90/month and no set-up fees or complex installations.

Finally we have also put a big focus on bringing robust, easy to activate and affordable cybersecurity offers to the market to answer the growing number threats impacting our customers.

How do Tango’s fiber-optic services for SOHO customers set themselves apart in the market?

One of the key elements that sets us apart in the market is our focus on launching innovations that matter in the market. Last year we have revised our fiber offers to cater to an increased demand for higher speeds, better coverage and a capacity to manage ever larger number of simultaneous connections. This resulted in the launch of the fastest internet offer in Luxembourg with speeds up to 2Gbit/s and the inclusion of the latest wifi technology (Wifi 6) by default on all our offers. This new Wifi technology brings clear advantages for our customers not only because it provides faster wifi speeds and better coverage but also the most stable wireless network capable of sustaining an ever increasing number of devices.

Another key element that sets us apart is our focus on providing a wholesome customer service from installation to after-sales support. We have been improving our installation process to guarantee it is fast, transparent and easy to manage so that the transition to Tango is seamless and with zero impacts to our customers business.

“Luxembourg is a country with a large proportion of expats or employees of international organisations who travel all over the world, particularly to the US.”

João Sousa Guerreiro, Tango’s Product, Marketing, and Digital Director

What can you reveal about Tango’s upcoming high-performance Cloud solution for SOHO customers?

Tango Fix4Bizz is a complete telephone exchange in the cloud which is very relevant for small businesses because it gives them greater flexibility and autonomy in their communications. Our solution is simple, cost-effective and high-performance. It is managed via an interface with no up-front investment and no management costs and it is easily adaptable to the different companys’ set-up. We are currently working on a new version of this product that will provide customers an improved interface and experience.

How has the inclusion of unlimited US calls in the “Tango Smart” offer impacted SOHO customers?

Tango is the only operator to include the US in their mobile offers for SOHO customers and this feature is highly appreciated and used within our customer base. Luxembourg is a country with a large proportion of expats or employees of international organisations who travel all over the world, particularly to the US.

What about cybersecurity for SOHO customers?

Cybersecurity has been one of our key priorities for a while as we have seen an explosion in the number and sophistication of phishing and malware attacks. This is something that impacts in equal proportions the residential and the small enterprise customers with sometimes severe business impacts.

When our teams started working on a product solution to tackle this growing problem we focused on three key elements: the first one was that the solution needed to be robust and protect against a wide variety of ever evolving cybersecurity threats not only in Luxembourg but also abroad; the second was that it needed to be easy and fast to activate; and the third was that it needed to be affordable.

Based on these three key elements we have launched a cybersecurity product called Net Protect which protects our customers against hackers, fraudulent sites and viruses, both in Luxembourg and abroad. The product has a simple and hassle free activation process and it costs only 2€/month with a 1st month free.  Since its launch we have already protected our customers against millions of potential threats.

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