“Tango Is All About Tailored And Personalised Service”

Maikel Fernandes, Team Leader at Tango (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

Maikel Fernandes, Tango’s sales team leader, shares some insights about what it means to be a business client of Tango.

What responsibilities does your role entail and how do you ensure the success of your team?

As a team leader, it is my responsibility to ensure that my team understands exactly what it is we sell to our customers. So, before they start their job, I ensure that they know all the advantages of our products and services as well as understand the needs of our customers. 

Secondly, I aim to ensure the well-being of my team, take care of their motivations and make sure that they are happy working together. The attitude and overall well-being of our team are not only important for them but also for the customer. 

What products are you in charge of at Tango? 

I am in charge of anything related to mobile subscriptions, fixed internet connections and fixed voice services. These often come bundled together, depending on the customer’s needs. We really want to optimise their experience and make sure they can find everything they desire with one single provider. 

How do you distinguish yourself from your competition?

Tango is all about tailored and personalised service. We really pride ourselves on our bespoke service. Our objective is to make everything as easy as possible for SMBs. That’s why we offer to meet them wherever they want, whether that be at their offices, at ours or virtually. Small businesses often have fewer resources and technical expertise, so we aim to make their burden easier wherever we can and be available whenever they need us.

Why should a company become a B2B client of Tango?

Firstly, we offer a certain flexibility that other providers don’t. You also have one person of contact at Tango who is completely dedicated to your needs and is reachable at all times. Being a human-sized team also allows us to really focus on our clients and really get everything done for them as quickly as possible.

Are there any upcoming services or news that you can share with us?

Since the summer, we have a new cybersecurity product called Net Protect that we came up with due to the increase in phishing attacks by hackers. It can be enabled by anyone with a phone subscription for only €2/month – the first month is free – and it protects against hackers, fraudulent sites and viruses, both in Luxembourg and abroad.

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