Technoport Welcomes Five New Startups

By December 2020, the Technoport’s Board of Directors has approved five new companies to enter its official incubation program.

“Four of these newcomers, ArViCom, LMO, Orbitare and Yuri, operate in the SpaceTech sector, bringing the number of space-related companies currently hosted at Technoport to eleven. RoomMate is in the PropTech field. I wish them all a lot of success and I thank them for their trust in joining our incubator to develop their ventures.” said Technoport’s CEO, Diego De Biasio.


ArViCom specializes in the design and supply of AR-based communication technologies. Developed in tandem with expert partners, its solutions enable remote assistance, maintenance, and training through novel visual experiences for various industrial and mobile care applications.

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LMO combines innovative space technologies in Propulsion and Artificial Intelligence. LMO‘s subsystems allow satellites to autonomously navigate and dock in-space, enabling in-orbit manufacturing, repair and refuelling. LMO also has an office in the UK.

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Orbitare is developing Spaceloop, the future of personal satellite communications made in Europe. The friendly experience will connect users directly to the Spaceloop network from the smartphone via their personal satellite hotspot to send text and audio messages, pictures and documents including vital information such as weather forecasts or medical reports from the IP messaging app. Spaceloop will keep people always safe and connected to those who matter to them.
Orbitare has another site in Zurich, Switzerland.

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RoomMate is a proptech startup from Italy. The team developed a property management platform for landlords and tenants for medium to long term rentals. The company enhances the tenant-landlord relationship by allowing services such as messaging, documents sharing, rent payment, and many more. For the landlord, it offers a Web App for property management. For the tenant, it provides a Mobile App simplifying daily cohabitation.

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Yuri democratizes access to microgravity, e.g. to the International Space Station, by making it simpler, quicker and more affordable. Yuri offers an end-to-end service including mission definition, hardware selection and development, launch and return. Depending on the client’s unique requirements, they put together the quickest and most affordable combination of experiment hardware, facility and microgravity platform. The company offers all kind of microgravity platforms: Orbital (ISS, free flyers), Suborbital (e.g. Sounding rockets), Parabolic flights, Droptowers, Clinostats, Random Positioning Machines. The team has more than 30 years combined space experience and has launched 11 ISS payloads to date. Beyond the Luxembourg office, Yuri has its headquarter in Germany, and presence in USA and Australia.

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For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Technoport team at [email protected]

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