T’ees: Luxembourg’s Newest Natural Health Drink

from left to right: Yves Miltgen, Aleks Panzone and William Gzella, three of the four co-founders of T’ees (© Silicon Luxembourg / Stephanie Jabardo)

T’ees’ co-founders are on a mission to make ice-tea cool again. The four Entrepreneurship students tell us more about their latest health drink venture and their early successes.

After struggling to get their first business venture, a social media marketing agency, off the ground, the four co-founders and Entrepreneurship students put their heads together and decided to launch their beverage company T’ees.

“At first we thought every startup had to be in the online world but when that did not work out we decided to try something different and launched T’ees earlier this year,” explains Aleks Panzone.

Having already met during their studies in International Sports Management at the University of Luxembourg, it made sense for the co-founders to pursue something more aligned with their interests.

“We all care a lot about our health so we wanted to create something good for the body with natural ingredients,” explains Aleks Panzone.

Sold in bottles of 330 ml and in three different flavors – peach, raspberry and maracuya -, T’ees ice-tea has zero added sugars and only contains real fruits, making it a healthy alternative to sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks.

“Since March we have been able to at least double our sales every month […]”

Aleks Panzone, Co-founder of T’ees

Supporting local initiatives

Currently, the natural ice-tea is produced by Autisme Luxembourg, a small local organization that gives employment opportunities to people with autism. While most of the ingredients are sourced from the South of France, the co-founders are working hard on making it a local drink.

“We use as many ingredients as possible from Luxembourg and also do the deliveries by ourselves,” explains Aleks. 

Already available in places such as the Kulturfabrik, Kaf Lokal, Aral, and the City Concorde, the local ice-tea has been quickly expanding its footprint since it first started selling in March this year. 

“Since March we have been able to at least double our sales every month and especially since decreasing our bottle sizes to 330 ml, sales have picked up even more,” said Yves Miltgen. 

Looking ahead, the co-founders will continue finishing their Entrepreneurship degrees while running their business on the side, “hoping to be present in every major shop in Luxembourg” in the near future.

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