Tenzing Partners Facilitates Seven-Figure Luxcaddy Sale To Romain Pütz

Daniel Schneider, founding partner at Tenzing Partners (Photo © Tenzing Partners)

The business transfer consultant served as an intermediary between Luxcaddy’s co-founders, Georges Kraft and Jacques Lorang, and entrepreneur Romain Pütz who bought Luxembourg’s largest grocery delivery platform for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

Created in 2007, Luxcaddy’s co-founders Georges Kraft and Jacques Lorang have been steadily delivering around 65,000 grocery items to 50,000 users per year. This journey is slowly coming to an end, now that Luxcaddy has been sold to Romain Pütz, entrepreneur and president of the federation of gasoline operators at the federation of artisans.

“Luxcaddy has established itself as an important player in food delivery in Luxembourg, and we are confident that, under the leadership of Romain Pütz, the company will continue to develop and expand.”

Daniel Schneider, founding partner of Tenzing Partners.

Tenzing Partners facilitated this seven-figure sale, aiming to ensure that Luxcaddy’s co-founders would come away with a satisfactory deal. In the end, both parties agreed that the sale would take place in several stages, with Georges and Jacques staying on board during a transitional period as Romain Pütz learns the ropes of the business.

Following the conclusion of the transition period, Jacques Lorang intends to explore new business opportunities, drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge gained during his tenure at Luxcaddy.

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