They Did Hyperautomation Before It Was Cool, And Now They Are Pushing Boundaries

Casius Morea, founder & CEO of EmailTree (Photo © Kaori Anne Jolliffe / Silicon Luxembourg)

EmailTree AI is one of Luxembourg’s highly successful high-tech companies. They deal in customer service hyperautomation – from emails, action predictions, task automation to response composition. Silicon Luxembourg had a conversation with Casius Morea, the CEO, to see what makes them tick and function so well.

You are quite a large business endeavour – do you still consider yourself a startup?

Indeed, we do. Companies that sell software must upgrade it continuously as part of their business model. The market for AI is big and we are still finding our niche under the sun; however, we believe we offer a product that is unique, and we are steadily getting there.

In order to ensure that every client has a smooth experience with a tool as powerful as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we currently invest a lot of our time into Onboarding. Furthermore, the feedback we get from our customers can serve as an impetus for development, which can only lead to a better product. Every day is a new opportunity to improve and become more trusted by our current and future clients, and the startup atmosphere keeps us focused and united.

Customer service (e-mail) hyperautomation – when and how did you realize that this is something that the market needs?

In July 2018, we delivered the first Hyperautomation scenario to one of our clients. Then, we were unaware of what we were doing was „hyperautomation“. The Gartner Top Strategic Technology trend for 2020 was announced towards the end of 2019. It’s official that the term „hyperautomation“ was launched. It was our first confirmation that we are heading in the right direction by building a product and platform that are relevant to both the market and customers.

How would you describe your clients – who did you start out with, with what type of clients?

Our clients are all the people answering all incoming requests through written channels on a daily basis. Everyone who is looking to save time, classify, and improve the quality of their responses can use our solution.

EmailTree is proud of its partnership with Orange Luxembourg since 2019, the adoption of its solution by Webhelp in 2020, and the results of the Samsung project in France. Many other large corporations cannot be quoted officially.

As part of Hack The Crisis, a program to help find solutions to the challenges of a pandemic, we also received first place in the category Save Lives. In the last two months, we won the Great Pitch Contest at Wolves Summit 14 and participated in events in Monaco and Dubai.

“The EmailTree AI platform is currently developing and working on new features and integrations for the most used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email applications.”

Casius Morea

How many employees are there now (and how old is the company), and are you still expanding?

We currently employ around 35 people, and that number is growing. Back in 2003, I launched an e-commerce platform for Electronic Software Distribution, which distributed software such as Bitdefender, Microsoft and ESET.

Then in 2015, our team sought ways to get Customer Service to respond faster to end users, as well as our employees in customer service departments. The idea of EmailTree AI was developed as a result of an internal need, at a time when its members were presenting to customers. The software handled the entire task after a user requested an extension of an antivirus license through a bank check. It not only responded to the customer, but also generated an invoice for the transaction and extended the license.

In recognizing the potential in this service, and at the same time feeling the certainty of having the problem solved without their involvement, the EmailTree AI team decided to invest in it and bring it to everyone.

A lot of our business is conducted in France and Luxembourg, where the emailing services of EmailTree AI are utilized to send tens of thousands of emails. EmailTree AI became a separate company in 2019.

Which countries do you cover?

The headquarters of the company are in Luxembourg, while the Romanian and Paris offices are current branches. There are plans to expand into new markets. I promise to keep you

Can you tell us a little bit more about your workshops?

Any company can benefit from the workshop by learning what hyperautomation is and discovering which tasks can be automated in order to improve customer service as well as automate many repetitive tasks on a daily basis. To name just a few advantages, there are cost savings, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, easy team management, and a sales increase.

What are your plans for the future – short-term as well as long-term?

The EmailTree AI platform is currently developing and working on new features and integrations for the most used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email applications; In addition, we have already launched in February 2021 the Chrome extension and more recently the Add-in for Outlook that is available in Microsoft marketplace.

They both use the same knowledge base, developed via supervised and unsupervised machine learning, for each of our customers. As we ourselves are extremely excited about this feature, we will be implementing voice to text soon as well.

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