Throwback To The 33 Projects Developed During Hack The Crisis Luxembourg

Seeing more than 200 participants, 33 projects, 13 jury members and more than 60 mentors coming together for this online hackathon made Luxembourg’s innovation ecosystem shine during this 24h-event.
by: Yannick Oswald
photo: Paul Esch-Laurent on Unsplash

“We are used to hosting tech events, but we never expected to have such an impressive online tech event turnout. Amongst the participants, we counted over 44 different nationalities. Once again, we proved that when we work together, technology is a key element to help us all thrive and show solidarity, to educate and shape the future, to save lives, communities, social interaction and businesses.”, said Kamel Amroune, CEO Farvest.

The submitted project (*winners)


AidDiary helps put all caretakers, doctors, nurses, family, friends and patients be on the same page when dealing with medical care at home. It enhances communication by using business intelligence techniques with a web app and a mobile app.


Reduce the contamination risk while grocery shopping for your neighbours and yourself! Akaafsbuddy enables people to show solidarity in a more efficient way during this crisis.


The world’s first fun addictive game that contributes to research with each gameplay. We reduce vaccine discovery time from 14 months to 5 weeks by using human-based computation generated by crowd players.


We want to allow all isolated old people to improve day-to-day life, be healthy and maintain their social bonds.

Buddy Central

Your ambitions are as unique as you are – but you are not alone. BuddyCentral matches you with an Accountability Buddy who shares your goal and provides a fun platform to motivate and track each other’s progress. Premium customers have access to ProCoaches for additional support.

Counselor Square

A counselling platform connecting mental health professionals with clients on demand.

CoronaHelfer / CoronaHelper is a platform that brings volunteers and help-seekers together to face the challenges of our reality together.


QueuBy is a user-friendly application that helps customers reserve a spot in queues without physically being in line and business owners, to manage customer flows in their businesses.

EmailTree AI for Healthcare Communities*

Breaking social and technical isolation, while connecting the people to relevant community members such as healthcare professionals, using a combination of technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Machine Learning, AI, and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA).

Emergency Homecare

Deploy a safe and secure platform made of “at home follow-ups” to flatten the curve in our Emergency services before, during and after the COVID-19 crisis


This app helps SMEs find job seekers available around their location and help jobseekers find jobs near their address based on the skills and competencies on a map.


Matching people with conversation partners via phone during the crisis and beyond. An intergenerationnational project by GoldenMe.


Created by teachers for teachers, our revolutionary online learning platform is specially designed for children aged 7-13. It’s a visual interface that encourages children to learn and motivates them. Let’s make kids want to learn again!

HealthBrik – AI Assistant for Doctors

Health Brik disrupts that paradigm by creating an AI Assistant for Doctors to increase productivity and provide primary health care for all residents of Luxembourg (and later Europe) esp. the vulnerable cohorts in many languages.


We slow the transmission and save the critical hospital resources by monitoring patients at home through hospital@home, a decentralized medical monitoring system. The first goal in the pandemic is to protect and and maximize the use of core healthcare assets, staff, beds and machines.


Support Real Estate Agents by giving them a simple platform with which they can find virtual tour suppliers and manage virtual tours with instant online video conference solutions.


We are offering a novel and unified way for citizens, businesses, and public institutions to interact with each other.


Are you tired of this endless Groundhog Day and having to check every single media channel every single day to see what’s up? Well, now all the information you’re looking for is served in this convenient app.

Life planning

Write life objectives and move forward with your life


Bring the show to your place. Bring your smile to the show. LiveJonny: live entertainment, borderless talents.


Digital contact between doctors and patients. An app, allowing potential COVID-19 patients to video chat with doctors in order to get a diagnosis. The doctors then send a virtual medical prescription to allow patients to be tested in a centre.

MyMedBot – Pandemic Solution

Medical emergency protocols in organisations are stuck in the 20th century – life and safety are entrusted to posters and forms no one has read…

Nestor Key

We developed a low tech tool that avoids contact with infected areas. Ultra cost effective, 3D printable, easily deployable.


PanSim is a disease simulator in which you can manipulate different parameters to see how propagation evolves over time, based on a restreint population.


Empower students, let parents breathe!


Food is our most basic need in life especially in any crisis. Foodtech in Luxembourg doesn’t get enough attention despite steady growth. The Grocery sector needs tools and technology to disrupt the way retailers and consumers interact to cope with the crisis and improve lives in the future.


Solve a social entertainment problem and unemployment is our aim right now.

Res Publica _ Residents personal development and enrichment project

In this project, Luxembourg communes provide a platform through which residents earn credits to attend lectures through community activities. It will not only lead to a more knowledgeable residents but will shift the future economy structure fundamentally.


Setting a secure Workplace for your collaborators with S@feOffice.


Schoolvid-19: Education in quarantine


Smarket is a mobile ecological supermarket for fresh food. an electric van that goes around each district,Loaded with local organic and fresh products. Smarket is also an App that helps to order online. We are the connection between local production and people. The last mile selling point.

SMB Home office and privacy platform plus cloud tools

Base platform for Homeoffice / Télétravail- Firewall, VPN unlimited, install yourself on existing server hardware or get ready to go appliance. + some self hosted cloud tools.


We want to create an easy-to-use app that helps people in need reach volunteers based on availability and proximity.


Reduce the risk and avoid long queues while shopping by KNOWING how many people are in a shop at any given time.


Timesheet management for employees working at client site can be a nightmare. This mobile app will facilite the management of their timesheets.


Business powered by people.

Please have a look at the entire list of projects and details here.

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