Tokeny’s ERC3643 Protocol Earns Perfect Security Audit Score from Hacken

Tokeny’s CEO Luc Falempin (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

Tokenization platform Tokeny has announced that the ERC3643 tokenization protocol has undergone a security audit by Hacken, a top-tier Web3 auditor, and achieved a score of 10/10.

ERC3643 is the leading token standard for permissioned tokens and is the most suitable standard for tokenizing real-world assets and financial instruments. Over $28 billion of assets worldwide have been tokenized using the protocol, including alternative funds, asset-backed securities, debt, real estate, equity, and trade finance.

The ONCHAINID decentralized identity framework built into the ERC3643 protocol enables users to retain full custody of their assets, providing a high level of security and control within a compliant environment, even on a public blockchain. Hacken audited ONCHAINID in parallel with ERC3643 and gave it a 10/10 security score as well.

Hacken is a top-tier security auditor for blockchain protocols and has conducted security audits for numerous high-profile crypto exchanges. With both protocols earning 10/10 security audit scores from Hacken, users can trust that they are reliable and secure options for asset tokenization and identity verification.

ERC3643 V4 is Tokeny‘s latest contribution to the standardization of tokenization for capital markets. These upgrades are also open source, ensuring that the main token standard for tokenized securities is always up-to-date with the latest innovations, and accelerating the growth of the ecosystem.

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