Tokeny: “We Convinced Our First Clients In A Miami Night Club”

Five years is a long time for a startup. Luxembourg tokenisation firm Tokeny marked this milestone with a celebration at the LHoFT last week where attendees heard the unfiltered version of the startup’s beginnings.

“We started in weird conditions, in an ICO boom. We convinced our first client in a Miami nightclub. Our first product was designed in a hotel room at 2am in Thailand,” Tokeny CEO Luc Falempin said during the fifth anniversary party speech, adding: “Step by step we grew, built a team and learned […] We also saved the company one Christmas day by finally signing a fundraising.”

Falempin described the last five years as “intense” but said that today the firm has “commercial pipelines from financials, and a great team”. 

A few weeks ago, Tokeny hit a major milestone through its strategic partnership with Ownera to bring global liquidity to tokenised private assets. After the speeches, Falempin explained that following the integration of Ownera’s network, Tokeny will integrate other players such as custodians, data oracles, trading venues and DeFi protocols into the ecosystem using APIs and SDKs.

The Tokeny team is pictured during the fifth anniversary celebrations in Luxembourg (Photo © Tokeny)

Over the coming year, Tokeny will focus on “improving scalability, security, and connectivity of our solutions while keeping building a strong end-to-end ecosystem for digital securities,” he said. 

And in another five year’s time? 

Boston Consulting Group predicts tokenisation to reach $7.2 b by 2027, an estimate that Falempin says is conservative.  

“The next wave of the Web3 era is to bring real world assets on the blockchain, via tokenisation. The issue was to track and enforce digital ownership and apply compliance rules, that is precisely what Tokeny enables,” He said, adding: “The technology is there, now we need large financial institutions to finalise their tests and launch their new blockchain-based services.”

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