Unlocking Startup Investments: BeAngels’ Customized Group Investment Club

(Photo © BeAngels)

BeAngels, a prominent European private investor network, is changing the game with its new “Investment Club as a Service.” This innovative offering allows private investors to create bespoke investment clubs with tailored conditions and strategies.

Investors can choose their club’s parameters, from investment focus to membership size, all while tapping into BeAngels’ extensive expertise and resources.

Jaime Cuykens, Venture Partner at BeAngels, emphasizes the unique nature of custom investment clubs, stating that they provide a platform for active investors to expand their networks and learn from peers.

BeAngels has launched its inaugural club, NXT, catering to young entrepreneurs, experienced executives, and those who have sold their businesses. NXT aims to leverage its members’ skills and connections for mutual benefit.

With “Investment Club as a Service,” BeAngels aims to create a significant platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors, bridging the digital and group dynamics in venture capital. Stated in a press release, the goal is to foster informal investments within a structured and supervised framework, benefiting the Belgian economy.

BeAngels: Building Bridges Between Luxembourg And Belgium

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