Video On The Launch Of The « Technical Standardization For Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, And Construction » Research Program – Part 2: 2021-2024

Since 2017, ILNAS and the University of Luxembourg, via the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), have set up a partnership aimed at bringing the worlds of technical standardization and scientific research closer together.

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Through two successive videos, we invite you to discover the results of the first such research program, « Normalisation technique pour une utilisation fiable dans le domaine “Smart ICT” » (2017-2020), and the ambitions of the upcoming one, « Technical Standardisation for Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, and Construction» (2021-2024). The first video, on the 2017-2020 period, can be viewed here. In the second video, available below (in English, with French subtitles), the programs’ main architects explain the objectives for 2021-2024.

First, Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert, Deputy Director of ILNAS, recalls the genesis of the research partnership between ILNAS and the University of Luxembourg, the aim of which is to link the worlds of research and technical standardization. He then presents the ambitions of the new research program, which will enroll three new PhD students covering not only the ICT sector, but the Construction and Aerospace sectors as well, in alignment with the domains considered fundamental for the economy according to the 2020-2030 national standardization strategy.

Then, Professor Pascal Bouvry, Chargé de mission auprès du recteur from the University of Luxembourg, explains the importance of actually disseminating research results, with education being the best instrument to do so. He goes on to give an overview of the new Master’s degree program MTECH : « mastering smart ICT, standardisation and digital trust for enabling next generation of ICT solutions », which starts in February 2021 in collaboration with the Chambre des salariés (CSL), and rests upon the results of the research work done by ILNAS and the University. This new degree, unique in Europe, will enable professionals to gain knowledge in Smart ICT technologies across four complementary dimensions: technology, technical standardization, digital trust, and business development.

The partnership between ILNAS and the University of Luxembourg is bearing fruit in terms of strengthening ties between research and technical standardization, all while offering new opportunities to the market. If you are interested in participating in this endeavor, do not hesitate to take advantage of the open possibilities: becoming a national technical standardization delegate, joining the MTECH Master, or becoming a PhD student within the framework of the 2021-2024 ILNAS-UL research program.

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