“We Want To Go Beyond HR Tech And Pioneer Human Experience Management”

Zortify’s team (Photo © Zortify)

On 10 May, we have the pleasure to invite Luxembourg’s HR Award Winner Zortify for our monthly Techie Night! Co-Founder & CEO Florian Feltes tells us more about the company.

In a few sentences, what is your company and what do you offer to whom?

Zortify assists in informed, unbiased, and objective decision-making with the help of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make these gained data insights accessible, understandable, and usable for everyone, especially in HR environments. Thus, our Zortify HR Tech solutions cover an employee’s entire life cycle within an organization, from recruitment (ZortifySelect) to individual development (ZortifyGrow) to high-performing teams (ZortifyiHPT), enhancing constructive leadership feedback (ZortifyLeader), and creating a thriving corporate culture (ZortifyCulture). Our AI-based solutions combine Natural Language Processing (NLP) with the latest research findings in psychology, computer science, and linguistics. 

What are the unique technical aspects about your product?

In a fast-changing work environment, people crave connection, transparency, and a sense of community. Our technology captures experiences in the form of human beliefs, feelings, emotions, and reactions. In our view, it should be considered at every point in the life cycle of an employee. For us, it is not just about getting an employee to make a valuable contribution, but rather about the employee feeling the appreciation for that contribution. It is a winning combination of human and employee work elements. That is why we want to go beyond HR Tech and pioneer “Human Experience Management”.

By using NLP, all Zortify products enable participants to respond in their own words and thus make active listening scalable. Our technology reveals valuable insights that are critical to business success but remain invisible to the human eye. We take advantage of each person’s individual writing style as it is as unique as their fingerprint. Our products ultimately allow employees to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs in a safe space, while enabling employers to actively listen and to act on these insights efficiently but empathically.

“We are very confident that using NLP-based products while keeping the human factor as a core concept is a gamechanger.”

Florian Feltes, CEO of Zortify

What is your reasoning for setting up a tech company in Luxembourg? What challenges did you face?

We decided to build our company in Luxembourg as the country is located in the heart of Europe and thus, a perfect location to grow from Luxembourg to Europe. Besides the location, Luxembourg’s ecosystem offers a unique range of organizations & infrastructures that support companies to grow, expand and set a footprint in the economy.

Luxinnovation was one key pillar in our journey, consulting us on various topics and supporting us with their valued network. Ever since Zortify was founded in 2018, the collaboration between the different economic players, such as Chamber of Commerce and Incubators in Luxembourg has remained very close and we have greatly benefited from this. 

In the beginning it was hard work to identify and connect with the relevant business networks and to find the right people with the right mind- and skill set to help us grow. However, we are very thankful and proud of what have achieved so far and will achieve in the future.

How do you determine and assess the effectiveness of your business strategy as you scale up?

We are very confident that using NLP-based products while keeping the human factor as a core concept is a gamechanger. The best way to overcome the concept of fear is education, trust, and a transparent and local product development approach, especially for the European context.  

We believe AI should not only usable, but transparent, explainable, and understandable for everybody. It represents the diversity of individual personalities and prevents discrimination and imbalances. AI continues to improve human decision-making, especially facilitating people working in HR Tech and Human Experience Management. 

That is why we train new transparent and ethical language models to understand European languages at a higher level Our intention is to make algorithms more transparent by looking under the hood and developing other methods to understand how the trained algorithms are making decisions. And understanding the needs of non-expert-users so we can develop front end experiences for them to allow them to use the technologies and gain insights from them without needing any expertise of their own.

We promote education and build trust with the launch of our new website, with new CRM-activities and with our Zortify Certification Program for Coaches, Trainers or HR-experta. It integrates participants into the Zortify network and trains them on how to use AI-based analytics.

Our clear vision and growth-oriented activities not only help us intensify the work with our existing clients and grow business with them as they are part of our journey. Their trust in our products and solutions is getting stronger every day. Potential investors and clients also believe in what and how we want to scale our business in 2024/2025.

Editor’s note: The next Techie Night organized by Silicon Luxembourg feat. Zortify will take place on 2023, May 10th.

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