Where To Learn Coding In Luxembourg?

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Coding is often perceived as complex, scary and only suitable for scientific minds. However, it is more akin to a set of foreign languages spoken by websites, tools, and applications than a scientific discipline. Anyone can learn its syntax to create basic sentences and start expressing creative ideas.

Luxembourg is the place to learn it, both for self-development and to consider a new career path. Here is our program selection for you.

Become a “Web Designer” or “Web Developer” with the Lifelong Learning Centre

The LLLC, one of the largest training centres in Luxembourg, offers a wide range of evening classes to develop coding skills. Two classes are especially interesting:

  • The “Web Designer” profile teaches you the basics of “html” and “css” as well as how to host a website, communicate with a server and use graphic tools and colours. After few hours of practice, you can create your first static web pages.
  • The “Web Developer” profile goes deeper as it includes languages such as Javascript and PHP. You discover the programming principles common to most of the coding languages, algorithms, database management and the creation of dynamic web pages.

The good news: validating the mandatory modules of a profile gets you an official diploma delivered by the Ministry of Education!

“Get into tech” with WIDE (Women In Digital Empowerment)

WIDE, a non-profit association initiated in 2013, aims to build a more diverse workforce in the tech field by supporting especially women. Trainings and events related to Digital and Entrepreneurship are organised on a regular basis.

Get into tech” first intensive 7-week coding bootcamp was recently launched. Sandrine, a young woman from Luxembourg, was one of the participants. She found the Bootcamp format (one live session per week and an individual support from WIDE) “efficient to quickly acquire basic coding skills”. Sandrine has decided to continue with a professional training, adding: “Now I feel more confident in pursuing my career in the tech field”.

Stay tuned, the next session is planned for September 2021.

Change career paths with Fit 4 Coding

Like in many countries, developers are also missing in Luxembourg, and companies struggle to find the right profiles.

To solve that situation, the ADEM, together with the “Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de l’Économie sociale et solidaire” and the “Fonds social européen” initiated Fit 4 Coding, an intensive 3.5-month training where the selected candidates learn the most used coding languages.

The goal? Increasing the chance for students to be hired straight after the training and for the companies to find good candidates. A true win-win situation.

The initiative received the European Digital Skill Award (in the category “Best Practice”) in 2017.

Coding is not only a technical skill but also a way of thinking, a problem-solving approach. It helps us better understanding the world we live in and the technology we interact with daily.

It’s never too late to learn something new. Which course do you want to try?

Soon to come: “The best courses for kids and teenagers to learn coding in Luxembourg”.

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