Words From A Member: Davy Cox (Brainframe Technologies)

Davy Cox, Founder of Brainframe Technologies (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

Brainframe Technologies is a newcomer to the LHoFT. Founder Davy Cox tells us more about the company.

Can you pitch your startup in a few words?

At Brainframe Technologies, we are democratizing GRC management by blending ISMS, GRC, QMS, and DMS in one. We’re regulation-agnostic, flexible, and digitalize, centralize, and instantly augment your Word/Excel work. Our visual, context-aware view on assets, tasks, processes, risks, and KPIs offer unprecedented clarity.

Why did you decide to create this company?

While offering “CISO as a service” for big companies like Doctena and others, and after talking to many colleague CISO’s, it was clear many are struggling to effectively manage GRC. This, coupled with a noticeable lack of specialists in the field, clearly highlighted the urgent need for optimization.

What are your product(s)/service(s) and your business model?

We offer a subscription based Saas/on prem GRC management solution that is sold to companies directly, but also indirectly through consultants offering security & compliance services for their customers. Our business model aims at a long-term win-win-win between companies, suppliers and consultants.

How is your offering different from your competitors and other market players?

We are fully “come as you are” which allows companies and consultants to instantly augment their existing work (Word/Excel) and way of working, rather spend time adapting to us. By also offering the solution as a self-hosted solution we also cater to companies with special regulatory requirements.

Why did you decide to join the LHoFT?

We entrepreneurs tick in special way, where most other people don’t understand where we get the energy, inspiration and motivation from. By being part of LHoFT, it is easy to connect and talk about similar issues that on top of that are all constantly exposed to GRC challenges.

What’s next?

As we strengthen our GRC management solution, we’re building a network of trust with GRC actors in Europe creating a win-win relationship among companies, suppliers, and consultants. 2023 is about augmenting efficiency using AI by enhancing cost-effectiveness without replacing the human element.

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