Words From A Member: Paolo Maceratesi (Armundia Luxembourg)

Paolo Maceratesi, CEO of Armundia Luxembourg (Photo © LHoFT)

Armundia Luxembourg is a newcomer to the LHoFT. CEO Paolo Maceratesi tells us more about the company.

Can you pitch your startup in a few words?

Armundia Luxembourg is a startup founded by Armundia Group, an international Techfin company that designs and supplies highly innovative Fintech and Insurtech digital platforms and operates as an ICT partner providing consultancy, BPO and outsourcing services for the Digital Transformation of the banking, finance and insurance industry.

Why did you decide to create this company?

The Luxembourg market is particularly evolved and mature to welcome new models of technological and digital development. Our presence here strengthens the Group’s global positioning strategies, allowing us to lead important digital transformation projects in the reference markets at an international level.

What are your product(s)/service(s) and your business model?

We have a medium-long term vision of the future and for this we develop flexible solutions, capable of evolving as the reference scenario changes. Our Armundia 3SIXTY technology platform allows banks and financial institutions to support high value-added consultancy services and diversified and personalized investment solutions.

How is your offering different from your competitors and other market players?

Strategic and specialist know-how, medium-long term vision and flexibility, scalability, sustainability and customization of the solutions offered. We work closely with our clients to ensure constant alignment with their objectives and service models, as well as market dynamics.

Why did you decide to join the LHoFT?

LHoFT is a leader in promoting fintech innovation and supports Luxembourg’s financial ecosystem, facilitating collaboration, education and connection between startups, financial institutions and other industry players. The Founders Club, which is part of this initiative, promotes networking and knowledge exchange.

What’s next?

We focus on the declination of the offer in foreign market scenarios, on the greater segmentation and distribution capacity of the final target as well as on scalable and modular architectures. Furthermore, we intend to strengthen the convergence between the banking and insurance sectors through a highly innovative service model in the Bancassurance sector.

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