Words From A Member: Tony Russo (Novalair)

Tony Russo, Managing Director at Novalair Luxembourg (Photo © Novalair)

Novalair has joined the Founders Club. Managing Director Tony Russo tells us more about the company.

Can you pitch your startup in a few words?

Novalair Luxembourg is a company specialized in cleaning and sanitization for aeraulic and hydraulic equipment and piping. Our customers are mainly in the B2B market, and recently, we have started providing services for the B2C market. Our values are operational effectiveness, active listening to customer needs, flexibility, innovation, healthcare, and environmental protection.

Why did you decide to create this company?

At this stage of my life, I would like to be more active in the preservation of our planet and its resources. I want to work in a meaningful job and be active in finding solutions for climate change. Additionally, I want to build a company, create new jobs, and have the opportunity to choose the direction and vision of my business.

“Currently, we are collaborating with the energy ministry on a cleaning process and methodology for ventilation systems.”

Tony Russo, Managing Director at Novalair

What are your product(s)/service(s) and your business model?

We provide cleaning and sanitization services for cooling and ventilation systems across various industries and professional sectors. We also offer maintenance services for cooling towers in the B2B market. We conduct Air Quality Audits.

How is your offering different from your competitors and other market players?

Currently, our competitors are mainly companies that offer comprehensive maintenance services but are not specialized in cleaning and sanitization. We are a key player in the cleaning of piping and descaling.

Why did you decide to join the Founders Club?

It’s a significant opportunity to connect with other companies, discuss market needs, and learn from each other’s expertise. Alone, we can achieve very little; we need to pool our energy and knowledge.

What’s next?

Currently, we are collaborating with the energy ministry on a cleaning process and methodology for ventilation systems. The goal is to establish clear regulations for ventilation systems in both professional and residential equipment.”

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