Yotako Solves Figma and Adobe XD Code Gap & Secures Lucrative Partnership

Yotako founder and CEO Alfonso García Frey called the partnership a “win-win” (Photo: © Yotako)

Luxembourg AI startup Yotako has signed a partnership with tech giant Adobe to work on its plugin for designing web and app graphics.

Adobe also brings important financial support to the startup, which was founded in 2016 and was one of the first Fit 4 Start beneficiaries. 

Yotako founder and CEO Alfonso García Frey called the partnership a “win-win” and important “recognition from a giant”. 

The deal comes five years after Yotako attended the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles where the tech giant unveiled Adobe XD, a plugin for providing previews of web graphics. The only snag was that the technology lacked the code to bring the designs to life. Through their partnership, Yotako developed a workaround using their own technology. Yotako writes: “The partnership provided unparalleled visibility to our young start-up, which had recently launched the final version of its product after two years of development. Moreover, it opened doors to significant revenue potential, as users of Adobe XD and Figma who utilized our services were directly billed by us.” 

Yotako raised €250 in 2017 followed by €1M in 2022. It will use the further funding secured through the Adobe partnership to rapidly grow its user base.

Yotako Raises €1 Million

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