10 AI Startups to Look Out For

Artificial Intelligence is certainly a hot topic on the startup scene. Zooming into the Luxembourgish, French, and Belgian regions, we found 10 great startups working in AI and participating in Luxembourgish competitions. Check them out in alphabetical order below!
Case Law Analytics

France – Case Law Analytics uses artificial intelligence and caselaw to model judicial decisions, giving lawyers a risk assessment on a given case. Through a collaboration between legal professionals and mathematicians, Case Law Analytics is able to define the criteria leading to a decision and the interplay between multiple variables involved. The startup aims to provide legal professionals with supplementary data to help them create the best legal strategies.

Find out more: www.caselawanalytics.com


France – Datakeen helps all kinds of companies easily deploy AI solutions for business and data teams. On the website, they explain the process. Using client data, products, suppliers, human resources, whether from production or external sources, Datakeen provides an efficient way artificial intelligence solutions for a company’s targeted goals.

Find out more: www.datakeen.co


Luxembourg – Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, EmailTree generates email answers and automate actions in databases. The technology uses natural-language processing to extract message essentials, identifies customers’ issues, and unveils actionable responses. The software can return responses automatically, provide options to an email user, and learn as it goes.

Find out more: www.emailtree.ai


France – Haapie develops smart AI cognitive and vocal assistants that facilitate informatic searching and sharing. The core technology developed in-house includes ASR, dialogue management & AI. The many “assistants,” in other words robots, can take the following forms: chatbots, voicebots, robots, virtual personalities. In a nutshell, these assistants recognize voices, deduce needed actions, gauge responses and provide them. And, they learn over time.

Find out more: www.haapie.com

HighWave Capital

Luxembourg – HighWave Capital combines behavioral finance and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a white label Robo-Advisor to financial Institutions. They offer the possibility of integrating technology into existing systems, cutting time and real costs, opening doors to new markets, and increasing financial institutions’ revenue. The HighWave Capital robo-advisor is 100% behavioral and generates actionable results from user profiles.

Find out more: www.highwavecapital.com

JetPack Data

France – JetPack Data is a data analytics & visualization platform open to business users. Powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, JetPack Data helps business users become 10 times more productive and efficient. The user interface is based on “beautiful and correct graph[s] [that] are worth 1000 words.” JetPack Data’s goal is to make data visualization intuitive and accessible to everyone, and that users should never miss an insight to do cumbersome graphing interfaces.

Find out more: www.jetpackdata.com


France – Konverso provides Bots focusing on the value and impact of the conversational interface and artificial intelligence to improve employee productivity and increase the performance of enterprise services. That was a big sentence. Basically, Konveso uses specialized Artificial Intelligence robots to help IT and help desk teams so they can provide quicker responses to an employee pool. Large companies interested?

Find out more: www.konverso.ai


Belgium – Sagacify helps companies integrates artificial intelligence to automate processes and improve efficiency. They have made several business cases open to the public, which you can find on their website through the link below. Given the unprecedented speed with which technology updates, sales & marketing teams, relationship managers, and traders struggle to keep up. One of Sagacify’s solutions is a Business News text analytics program providing aggregated, useful information to said professionals.

Find out more: sagacify.com


Luxembourg – Wizata provides artificial intelligence solutions for manufacturing process optimization and metals experts. The team won the Microsoft Partner of the Year in Luxembourg, which says a lot. The Wizata technology provides processed data to companies managing high- and low-volume manufacturing processes so they can cut time and costs.

Find out more: www.wizata.com


Belgium – Yields.io is the first FinTech platform that uses artificial intelligence in real-time model testing and validation on an enterprise-wide scale. The Yields.io technology identifies algorithm-related problems and transforms them into actionable business insights. The startup’s helps companies monitor quantitative data, perform regression testing, and model validation.

Find out more: yields.io

(Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash)

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