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10 Startups To Look Out For In Seville

When we picture the beautiful capital of the Andalusia region of Spain, we think of traditional tapas, fiery flamenco, an exceptional climate, and oranges of course. Seville is now making a name for itself as an innovative hub for startups and entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the companies transforming the landscape of this ever-evolving metropolis. Olé!
(Author: Cristina París García, Magazine Urban Seville)

Daniel Lopez was a technology visionary of the Cloud when he decided to set up Bitnami in 2003. Today, he has a ‘stellar’ team of 70 based across two primary offices in San Francisco and Seville. Bitname enable anyone to quickly deploy software on the platform of their choice, from native installers to cloud images and containers. With Bitnami-packaged software eliminating the complexities of installing server software, our users are empowered to focus on the important job of using of their applications, without having to set them up.

Find out more: bitnami.com


Food security and food production represent major challenges for the future. To address this urgent global issue, ec2ec – easy to see — has developed in-house technology combining AI, machine learning, and big data to help agricultural and breeding businesses with their own strategic and operational decision-making processes. How? By using predictive modeling that forecasts the annual harvest, the evolution of insect pests and fertigation needs.

Find out more: ec2ce.com


Be active and win cool prices! Earn points (CICLOS) with Ciclogreen as you track your physical activity (whether it’s cycling, walking, running or skating) and redeem your points for exclusive discounts and freebies, from spa treatments to sunglasses, and paddle-surf sessions to a cappuccino. Ciclogreen has also recently created Llovoi, an app that offers sustainable courier services with goods delivered by people with intellectual disabilities.

Find out more: ciclogreen.com


700 aircrafts, 600 buses, trains, boats, hotels, universities, museums and public buildings have already trusted in Galgus for a faster and more efficient WiFi. Galgus develops Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT), a software embedded on WiFi routers and Access Points (APs) that converts regular APs into intelligent APs which collaborate with each other to optimize WiFi performance in real time. As a result, a WiFi network with CHT is more reliable, higher performing, greener and can guarantee quality of service for every connected user and thing.

Find out more: aoifes.com


“Reinventing ourselves over and over again”— that’s how CTO of Genera Games explains the Seville-based company’s huge success. As well as developing its own mobile games, it has been providing mobile solutions for global operator groups, brand partners and leading media companies since 2002. With a turnover of EUR 21m last year, Genera Games, currently partners with brands including Disney, Intel, Paramount, Dreamworks, La Liga, Universal and Marvelous Games.

Find out more: generagames.com


Surely it makes more sense to feel safe when we are at home than when we are not. Ontech addresses this topic with the in-house technology of Controlled Magnetic Fields. Their mission is to improve security for individuals and properties both in the private and industrial sphere. This alarm remains activated 24/7, even when people are inside. It can distinguish between people, animals and objects, reducing the number of false alarms by 95%. It was the only Spanish company showcasing last year at the most important annual trade show in the consumer electronics industry, CES in Las Vegas.

Find out more: ontech.es


Opileak is a tool that analyzes the public’s opinion on social networks and the internet in real time allowing companies to have a clear view of their online positioning and, in turn help them to make decisions that guarantee the success of their corporate strategies. Depending on the sector or business of their clients they look at the rate of popularity, measure the quality of their services and assess customer loyalty.

Find out more: opileak.es


Basalt fiber has reached the cycling market thanks to Racormance. With better dampening properties and greater shock absorption when combined with carbon fiber, these high-end, customizable bikes make any ride more comfortable for cyclists and help to decrease muscle fatigue.

Find out more: racormance.com


Unlike many other diseases, the battle against cancer is being lost. UDX is an innovative biomedicine company focused on early detection of cancer using cutting-edge technologies. The first product is a simple, noninvasive, accurate and an inexpensive blood-based screening test to detect colorectal cancer and adenoma, allowing early detection and cancer prevention.

Find out more: universaldx.com


Wuolah financially rewards students willing to share their class notes with classmates. 230,000 students, 500,000 documents uploaded and 5.5 million downloads equals startup success! How does it work? Student A download the note for a small fee. Student B (the owner of the note) receives a commission.

Find out more: wuolah.com

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