A Game-Changing Partnership

How Deloitte is supporting Luxembourg’s startups & companies in their quest to conquer international markets.

Deloitte Luxembourg, a key player in the local financial sector, teamed up with the rapidly expanding service platform InnoHub Luxembourg. This long-term partnership agreement grew out of a shared ambition to provide a unique kind of acceleration to promising companies and startups in the Grand Duchy.

Deloitte, a leading global consulting company, fosters a worldwide network of partner companies and provides a wide array of professional services to its clients. InnoHub is a Luxembourg-based private holding company, a soft-landing platform for international businesses and a true accelerator for innovative ventures and companies that wish to expand their businesses into international markets. InnoHub adopts a 360-degree approach to providing services, which include business-plan creation, fundraising, acceleration, growth, partnerships, business development and marketing. In the end, it was an easy decision to team up, combining a soft-landing platform for high-growth companies in Luxembourg with direct access to a global network.

These two Luxembourgish partners have put in place a unique acceleration program that allows entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters. The local network handles marginal aspects, such as settlement and RDI activities, while founders and entrepreneurs can put their energy elsewhere. Nevertheless, the true value lies in privileged access to an outstanding network of local and international partners and clients.

Deloitte and InnoHub do not focus on specific sectors but are looking into markets that engage with international megatrends like fintech, regtech, blockchain, AI, IoT and Industry 4.0.

“Innohub’s soft-landing platform is an excellent ally for Deloitte as they successfully scout and attract high-growth companies to Luxembourg that we can put in touch with our clients all over Europe and globally,” said Patrick Laurent, Partner, Deloitte.

“The partnership with Deloitte represents a unique opportunity for innovative companies and startups in the Grand Duchy. This new collaboration allows them to access valuable competences, knowledge, partners and potential clients that form the ideal foundation for super-fast acceleration and growth into international markets,” added.

One example is Investify, a German startup supported by InnoHub since 2016. After having spotted the potential of this fintech company, InnoHub put it in contact with Deloitte. Following a due diligence process Deloitte granted Investify access to its entire international network.

Deloitte and InnoHub share a common interest in making sure Luxembourg Startup Nation lives up to its reputation. The overarching goal of this new partnership is to develop Luxembourg as an attractive global center of excellence that naturally attracts innovative companies and startups. The collaboration aims to help these promising companies skyrocket to international market success.

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