A Migration To Modular, Managed Infrastructure Frees Liantis To Focus On Digital Innovation For Their Customers

“Our main focus was capacity management and how to keep ahead of the game… We had overcapacity on every single island, which meant we weren’t spending our euros in the most efficient way possible.” John Helsmoortel,  IT Infrastructure and Services Manager, Liantis.


Over time, Liantis – an established HR company in Belgium – had built up data islands and isolated solutions as part of their legacy system. Since they are increasingly offering their services digitally, they wanted a system that would be integrated and as ready for the future as they are. They migrated from their old environment to a flexible and modular infrastructure with Dell Technologies and VMware virtualization solutions. They leverage our expertise to manage the new environment.

Client profile

Based in Belgium, Liantis is an established human resources group committed to helping employers find, measure and develop workforce talent. They support everyone from self employe professionals and startups to small, medium enterprises and large enterprises. Liantis is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, from starting their business until retirement and all steps  in between.With more than 100 years of history behind it, Liantis has a deep understanding of human resourcing. By combining clear information, meticulous administrative support, advice and guidance, the company offers its customers a unique, integrated service to support all aspects of human resourcing and administration. Almost 220,000 self-employed entrepreneurs and 67,500 employers use their services, which cover everything from insurance, absence management and workplace safety to recruitment and payroll.


Offering services digitally highlights the need for a stable, scalable and flexible ITC platform

As often happens with established companies operating complex systems, Liantis’s  legacy systems had data islands. “We had overcapacity on every single island, which meant we weren’t spending our euros in the most efficient way possible,” explains John  Helsmoortel, IT Infrastructure and Services Manager at Liantis.One of the elements that sets Liantis apart from their competitors is their ability to do transactions fast. They’re responsible for hundreds of thousands of customers’ salary information and sensitive personal employee data.

After the pandemic broke out, the Belgian government provided financial support to self employed people, business owners and entrepreneurs. Suddenly, Liantis’ monthly payroll calculations had to handle additional financial data.

In light of these changing circumstances, the company wanted to consolidate their  applications into a single, unified solution for better performance, and outsource the  management of the environment to a third party. This would allow their IT team to focus on innovative new solutions instead of the day-to-day management of infrastructure, and shift their focus from hardware to software.The solution would have to combine on-premises data handling and working in the cloud to comply with Belgium’s complicated payroll legislation and HR policies. And, because different regions have different policies, salary bonuses and language requirements, the platform would have to be adaptable.

Liantis also wanted their new data environment to be agile and future-proof, able to adapt to workforce disruption and legislative change, needing to handle 300,000 salary calculations and up to 17,000 queries in under three seconds


Migrating to the future with Dell Technologies and VMware

Liantis initially consulted with Dell Technologies for a solution. During the discussion, Dell recommended us as a partner to assist with migration and managed services. Having worked closely with the Dell team on multiple occasions we conducted a thorough assessment of the current environment and what solutions would best suit Liantis’s needs This approach allows us the ensure that we minimize any issues during the delivery phase. We worked with Dell to smoothly migrate their old environment (based on Oracle Exadata) to to a flexible and modular virtualized infrastructure with Dell Servers, Dell EMC storage and backup hardware, and VMware virtualization solutions. The new environment is fast, reliable and compatible with Oracle. Their web-based applications are powered by a combination of Oracle and Java and need to be regularly managed and backed up on a single, stable and secure platform to avoid downtime or loss of critical data.

“Together with NTT, we built a new data center solution. We have actually centralized all our workloads on one hypervisor, one hardware and one backup solution. So that’s really removed a lot of complexity for our engineers. We really have an environment  which we now have under control.” John Helsmoortel, IT Infrastructure and Services Manager, Liantis

We manage the backup, maintenance and help reduce the licensing costs of Liantis’s  Oracle environments and manage the hardware and virtualization layers for Liantis.


Managed environment enables Liantis to focus fully on innovation

Thanks to Dell’s technology, our expertise and reliable service, and the flexibility and ease of management achieved by the VMware virtualization layer, Liantis now has a scalable and responsive platform for their Oracle applications with a 30% improvement in speed. This allows them to provide the best possible service in a much more cost-effective way.

Allowing the IT team to focus on innovation

Using a managed service provider for their infrastructure allows Liantis’s IT team to focus on the range of integrated services the company already offers and build on them for the future.

Reducing complexity for cost savings

Migrating to an integrated solution with VMware allows the company remove silos 
and overprovisioning; reducing redundant expenditure.

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