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“All In All, The Recruitment Process Took No More Than Three Days”

As a 31-year-old Greek with more than six years of experience in IT, Dimitris already has a great background in new technologies. However, having finished his academic career in Greece and having worked there as a DevOps specialist, he also realised he wanted to work in Luxembourg. He quickly found an opportunity as a network engineer thanks to nexten.io. Sometimes risks pay off!

“nexten.io is one of the best recruitment experiences I’ve had so far. It’s a job matching platform with a clear, transparent and responsive process. Candidates are finally in control of their recruitment and are connected with companies that match their expectations. I’m simply won over by nexten.io, and I’ve already recommended the platform to people I know,” says Dimitris.

The story behind the story

Dimitris moved to Belgium in 2020. With his already extensive experience in engineering, automation, and network infrastructure, he quickly found a position as a network engineer in Luxembourg. Like a consultant, he brings his expertise to customers and delivers a full range of IT system services, including management, administration, and maintenance. It’s a position he had already worked in in Greece. However, it hadn’t challenged him enough on a regular basis which is why he wanted to join a company working at the heart of projects.

“In addition to being happy with my assignments, I also got a raise over my previous salary.”

“I was determined to find a job that was a better fit for me. I discovered nexten.io while doing some research on LinkedIn. By digging around, I discovered that nexten.io was posting job offers that the said social network wasn’t listing. What’s more, LinkedIn often offered me jobs that didn’t really fit my profile. Registering on the nexten.io platform was quick and easy. In addition to being intuitive, its team members offer human support. Lasha [editor’s note: co-founder and business lead] listened carefully to my needs and made sure that all my concerns were heard, including the mission and salary. This is what sets nexten.io apart from other players in the market. Beyond the algorithm and job-matching principle, candidates gain access to a professional from the sector who’s experienced in IT issues, and who listens to your needs and guides you personally in your search for that ideal job.”

“Taken together, the recruitment process took no more than three days.”

Dimitris reflects on his use of the platform and the recruitment phase with his current company: “I created my profile on nexten.io on March 21st, and by June 10th, I already knew I had landed my new job. I’d say that the whole recruitment process took no more than three days. I landed two interviews: one for a technical position with an engineer, and the other with my future management and HR manager. I didn’t try to apply to other companies because nexten.io’s offer suited me in every way.”

Since joining Luxembourg-based HITEC on August 9th, Dimitris has worked on issues related to cloud data integration and migration, network infrastructure maintenance, engineering, and automation.

“I plan to stay with this company for a while,” he says. “I’m extremely happy with my new position. I love the team spirit that the management instills and the values of the company. In addition to being happy with my assignments, I also got a raise over my previous salary.”

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