Alsego’s LëtzRelay and Divizend Win Luxembourg’s Cloud Awards 2023

This year’s winner of Luxembourg’s Cloud Awards (© CCEL)

Announced on 21 June during the Golden-I Gala organized by ITnation, the Luxembourg Cloud Awards aims to award the Duchy’s most innovative cloud service providers.

Alsego’s LëtzRelay solution, an innovative cloud solution for securing incoming e-mails and contributing to enhanced protection against phishing attempts won the “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” award.

“Current cybersecurity challenges are primarily focused on securing the supply chain and, as we all know, SMEs are often the most vulnerable. LetzRelay, Alsego’s solution for protecting messaging infrastructures, specifically targets them […]. Another aspect of the solution is its “scalability”, which is particularly important when dealing with a multitude of entities of different sizes,” said Pascal Steichen, CEO of the LHC and President of the 2023 jury.

Alsego beat both Telindus and Gcore’s solutions to take home this reward which focussed on cloud-based SaaS which showed go-to-market potential and respected all the necessary data security and privacy requirements.

Divizend took home the “Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year” award which recognizes the creativity of a new cloud product or solution. Divizend was awarded for its automated solution which enables investors to easily recover the overpayment of dividend tax deducted at source by foreign tax authorities.

“The Divizend solution responds to market demand for process automation in the digital age. The jury particularly appreciated the possibilities of deployment in different cloud environments using the highest security standards,”  commented Pascal Steichen.

For more details about the selected projects, see here.

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