ANote Music Raises €505K In First Funding Round

Luxembourg-based startup ANote Music announces it has successfully raised €505.000 from a stellar consortium of music industry experts and European investors. The funds will be used to fuel the development and expansion of the first European stock exchange for Music Rights.
by: Charles-Louis Machuron
photo: ANote Music
featured: Matteo Cernuschi, Marzio Schena and Grégoire Mathonnet

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The investment was led by one of Europe’s foremost music industry heads who joined ANote Music as one of its trusty advisors and investors. The first funding round was split into two parts – the first round of €180.000 in July 2019, followed by a second round of €325.000 in December 2019. The startup recently won the BIME Pro Startup Competition at BIME’s music festival in Bilbao (see our article ANote Music wins BIME Pro startup competition).

The funds will be used for the further advancement and establishment of its proprietary trading platform. Product innovation and feature development are key focus points for ANote Music’s team. The funding will also further the company’s marketing and business development activities.

ANote Music identified the power of music as the next big asset class, developing a key presence in Poland and Italy, through a strong network of advisors and a representative office at the Music Innovation Hub in Milano. They spotted a gap and the opportunity in the music business, specifically the lack of transparency and liquidity around music rights.

“We want to position ourselves as the bridge between the Music Industry and the Capital Markets.”

The ANote Music Trading Platform is the first real marketplace that gives the public a chance to own music rights and earn money through the royalties that are being generated over the years (see our article ANote Music, the marketplace for music royalties). As with all new concepts, the growth of the company will go hand in hand with educating users and gaining their trust. And, that is exactly what ANote Music aims to achieve with its integrated marketing scheme.

“We want to position ourselves as the bridge between the Music Industry and the Capital Markets. We have recently released the paper-money version of our platform, and have already received some incredible feedback during CES 2020 in Las Vegas,” says co-founder and CEO, Marzio Schena. “With some deals in the pipeline, we are getting ready to release the real deal soon. This investment round will allow us to push the project forward and provide the visibility it truly deserves.”

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