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Apply For Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship To Participate In The Founder Institute Program

The Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator, is proud to offer the best applicants from the Silicon Luxembourg community with a fellowship to the Luxembourg Virtual Fall 2020 program.

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Through this offer, anyone in the Silicon Luxembourg community can apply to the Founder Institute for free below, and the best overall applicant for the Luxembourg Virtual Fall 2020 program will receive a Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship to participate in the world-renowned startup launch program for free ($798 USD value).

The Founder Institute is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to build companies they can be proud of, so we want to hear from you!

Build a Company with the Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. Through a challenging and rigorous curriculum, we provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the structure, training, mentor feedback, global network, and lifetime of support needed to start an enduring company.

Leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used our program to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team, get their first customers, raise funding, building a co-founding team, and more.

Who Should Apply?

The Founder Institute focuses on founders instead of ideas. If you are talented and motivated to do the work required to build an enduring tech or tech-enabled company, then we want to hear from you. This includes aspiring founders with a full-time job, solo founders, teams, and founders of established companies that are pre-funding.

What to Expect?

To qualify for the Silicon Luxembourg Fellowship for Luxembourg Virtual Fall 2020 Founder Institute, you must complete your application below.

After completing the application below, you will be invited to take our Entrepreneur DNA Assessment, which is our main criteria for evaluating applicants. If you would like to learn more about our Admissions Process and review criteria, visit FI.co/admissions.

The recipient of the Fellowship will be notified within a week of the Final Admissions Deadline for the Luxembourg Virtual Fall 2020 program (Dec 13, 2020).

Not Ready?

If you want to learn more, our Overview page is a good place to start.


Let’s get started…

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