Artec 3D Leverages Japan Office To Accelerate Product Innovation

Artec3D founder and CEO Artyom Yukhin (Photo © Artec3D)

Luxembourg 3D scanning giant Artec 3D has opened a Tokyo office, a move which is expected to accelerate the development of new products.

The new office is designed to provide training, support and drive partnerships with leading tech firms present in the region. 

“Global Japanese companies like Sony develop many more models of their products in Japan and when some are successful they release them globally,” Artec 3D President and CEO Art Yukhin told Silicon, adding: “For us, it also became an indicator that if our product did well in Japan, then it would definitely do well globally.”

“Japan is not only the market, but it’s also our technological partner. And this is our laboratory”

Artec 3D President and CEO Art Yukhin

Artec 3D has been present in Japan for 15 years and for many years the country represented its biggest market. The firm’s 3D scanners have been adopted in a range of sectors there, including car manufacture, Tokyo museum, the Japanese police and forensics experts, infrastructural and construction companies and fashion.

“Japan is not only the market, but it’s also our technological partner. And this is our laboratory,” the CEO said, adding that the team can do R&D by working with leading tech companies to develop solutions.

Artec 3D team and the Luxembourgish ambassadors to Japan (Photo © Artec 3D)

“I have known Artec 3D for many years; Artec 3D is among the companies that, with their products, add value to society,” Luxembourg Ambassador to Japan Pierre Ferring said, adding: “I am happy to see them establishing a presence in Japan. In view of the technological excellence of Artec’s products and the love of Japanese people for quality, I am convinced of the success of Artec 3D Japan.”

The Tokyo office is Artec 3D’s fifth after Luxembourg, California, Montenegro and Shanghai. Artec 3D already has two staff members in the region and plans to recruit additional staff locally.  Yukhin said: “We don’t have a very aggressive plan. It’s important to find our people. Most probably local Japanese talents but also those who have experience in the industry.”

The announcement comes a year after Artec 3D opened a training centre and talent hub in Montenegro.

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