ChefPassport Expands Its Menu Of Services

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ChefPassport, the ‘Cook Tech Company’ which offers online cooking classes for corporate team building and private individuals has expanded its range of services just in time for the new year. These include front door delivery, keynote speeches delivered by experts and a new line of merch.

Keeping employee morale high is already a challenge in and of itself. Doing so during a global pandemic must have been next to impossible. However, with remote working here to stay, managers and HR alike will have to look for new ways to keep employees engaged and happy.

ChefPassport promises one such avenue. Founded in 2019 – before the pandemic and online events became part and parcel of our daily lives – ChefPassport is Matteo Ressa’s fresh answer to lacklustre team building experiences. While ChefPassport also offers private classes for individuals, they have found the biggest audience in multinationals whose employees are scattered across the globe.

“Our vision is to connect colleagues through food experiences. That means connecting with other cultures and traditions, getting to know other people [who are] from all over the world through food which we believe is a medium of connection,” says Matteo Ressa, CEO and founder of ChefPassport.

With over 70 menus on offer, including a popular zero-waste menu, and more than 10 international and digitally trained chefs, ChefPassport provides plenty of options to choose from.

While CEO and founder Matteo Ressa ensures me that ChefPassport is “not here to replace in-person events”, the enthusiastic customer reviews and high ratings speak for themselves. With giants such as Amazon, Google and Netflix as its customers, ChefPassport has clearly left an impression.

“Our vision is to connect colleagues through food experiences.”

Matteo Ressa

Front Door Delivery

Constantly thinking of ways to improve ChefPassport, Matteo and his team have added a couple of new items to their menu of services.

Most importantly, they have partnered with different global suppliers, including Hello Fresh, allowing them to deliver the required groceries to the employees’ doorstep. Now the only thing employees still need to do is open their laptops and sharpen their knives.

After realising that some of their dishes left the participants with free time – potatoes take a while to boil – the team at ChefPassport decided to fill this void with keynote speeches delivered by experts on a diverse range of topics. Keeping your team up-to-date on the latest leadership advice has never tasted so good.

Last but not least, ChefPassport also released a range of personalized aprons uniforms for their digital chefs and merchandise for eager participants.

With their newly trained digital chefs, all of which have to go through a top-chef digital instruction programme and a full range of improved services, ChefPassport appears more than ready for the new year.

To learn more about their team building offers and special holiday deals, check out their website.

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