Clean & Safe Snacking With Drink n’Joy

Son of a restaurateur and an entrepreneur at heart, Giacomo Trenz decided to launch his snacking concept and turn it into a promotional tool for cafés, restaurants, and B2B businesses.

You will meet him at the Restaurant Bosso in the historic Grund district, a family stronghold, and one of the most popular addresses (and terraces) in the capital. “Being a gastro kid with all my Croatian family members either working for or owning a restaurant, bar or club themselves, I understood the importance of creating a memorable experience for customers very early on,” says Giacomo Trenz. One-on-one interview with the entrepreneur.

What is Drink n’Joy?

It’s a snack concept where we pack salted nuts in an innovative packaging that can be applied in multiple ways. Just place the bag around a bottle, on a straw, or in any way you can imagine – the product is multifunctional! Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, or hotel, Drink n’Joy gives your customers a new and safe way of enjoying appetizer nuts.

After several months of testing and finding the perfect market fit, DrinknJoy is ready to take over the market and is rolling out to form new partnerships.

“A small but innovative concept that is practical, hygienic, and customizable.”

What’s the business model?

Drink n’Joy can be served as a salty snack to boost the appetite and thirst of a customer at a bar. The bags are customizable, which means you can use them as an innovative way to promote your brand across restaurants, bars, and hotels – a mini-billboard with your logo on it. Thus brands can reach consumers as closely as possible and stimulate them in a new way. A small but innovative concept that is practical, hygienic, and customizable.

How did you come up with the idea?

You try to give customers the most memorable and authentic experience so that they can fully enjoy the moment at your restaurant. It all lies in the details, and having a few snacks or appetizers served is one of the most common things in our industry.

Who has never shared peanuts, salty pretzels, or other snacks with friends in restaurants? Often served on the same plate or in the same bowl, these little pleasures have taken a bad state with the crisis and the required hygiene conditions. How to serve snacks more hygienically while offering convenience for both bar owner and client? There was never a more critical time to promote solutions that improve hygiene in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Drink n’Joy is that solution!

What have you accomplished so far?

We have a close partnership with Concept Partners, one of the largest restaurant groups in Luxembourg, including Hitch, which serves our bags to their customers and displays the customized bags for marketing campaigns of B2B brands. Soon, we will launch new branding partnerships, including one design project with Battin, a Luxembourgish beer brand, which will promote the customized bag with its logo in its network of over 400 locations in Luxembourg.

What are the next steps?

Upcoming targets include multinational hotel chains, beverage brands, and broadening the use cases of the products with new locations such as airports or vending machines. Luxembourg is a great place to start, but Europe is the market we want to play in, and when the time’s right we’ll go global – one peanut at a time.

Photo: Giacomo Trenz, founder of Drink n’Joy © Drink n’Joy

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