Cryptosquare Expands To Luxembourg With Web3 Afterwork Events

The first Cryptosquare cocktail party in Luxembourg took place at Silversquare (Photo © Cryptosquare)

Cryptosquare has launched in Luxembourg, introducing crypto after work events for enthusiasts to network and engage in the growing cryptocurrency community.

What is Cryptosquare?

Cryptosquare is basically two people in an office with a beer. Julien and I used to meet after our workdays to talk about the projects we were working on. As time went by, we were more and more numerous, so we decided to organise events to create a strong community around web3. Today, we have more than 1,500 people around Cryptosquare

We meet monthly for our web3 aperitif which gathers about 150 people. The principle is simple: to discuss web3 over a beer with quality speakers in a chilled and friendly environment to network.

But we also have other formats such as Starknet or Tezos meetups, web3 auditions or private events like the launch of Waltio in Belgium.

Members also participate in European events like NFT Paris, NFC Lisbon, EBC Barcelona.

Today, Cryptosquare represents the event part but other entities covering web3 training and web3 consulting are also under development to allow anyone entering the community to find what they are looking for.

“The objective for us is also to grow the Cryptosquare community by seeking talent outside of Belgium.”

Edouard Estour & Julien Coppola, Co-founders of Cryptosquare

You are launching the Cryptosquare Luxembourg web3 apéros. Why do you want to do this?

We realised that not only Belgians but also more and more French, Dutch and Luxembourgish people were attending our parties. Our format was quite sought after in Luxembourg by the members of the community living there but also by some speakers and partners. That’s why we’re crossing the border and offering these web3 aperitifs.

The objective for us is also to grow the Cryptosquare community by seeking talent outside of Belgium.

What is the program about?

We will for the second time in Luxembourg on 24 May and will welcome Marc Zeller, founder of AAVE and a talk on Fast-Track to Crypto: Onboarding Straight to L2s. You can now register online.

But we will also find the same programme as our aperitifs in Brussels, i.e. the famous Jonas’ quiz, the web3 news with Antoine and Maxime as well as the 3 NFT projects of the moment with Nico MOTD.

Editor’s note: If you want to be part of the community that develops daily visit our website.

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