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Cybersecurity Company TrustCorp Helps Create Trust Services

Eric Blot-Lefevre is the founder and CEO of TrustCorp, a cyber security publisher that enables companies to create their own qualified “Trust Services” and outsource the creation of original documents and signatures to service providers that are “qualified” by control bodies.
What is your company all about?

TrustCorp SA is a cyber security publisher that operates a VaS (ValeSign) platform in which a SaaP (Service as a Platform) platform allows companies to create their own qualified “Trust Services” and outsource the creation of original documents and signatures to service providers that are “qualified” by control bodies approved by the National Market Authorities. In this way, companies and their customers benefit from security guarantees, legal certification, interoperability and resiliency of exchange procedures without changing anything in their many management applications (Standalone or SaaS).

You initially set up your company in France. Why did you decide to move to Luxembourg?

Our company aims to deploy a global network by relying on specialized operators in various sectors (i.e., post, banks, health, trade, etc.), and national or regional control bodies ensuring the digital application of their professional codes of conduct (Article 41 GDPR). We had already set up in Luxembourg one of the largest financial institutions in the world for an industrial company by creating cross-border and intraday multi-currency payments (invoices, royalties, dividends) in 60 countries through a “netting” of several international banking networks. Experience in document dematerialization, legal support, qualified engineering resources and IT certification easily justified the choice of this location. Finally, the size of the country lends itself well to the organization of organized markets (Cedel, Euroclear, Clearstream, etc.), especially for digital transformation.

As you have already collaborated with the soft landing platform and accelerator InnoHub Luxembourg, could you share your experience?

Our collaboration with InnoHub Luxembourg has enabled us to exchange ideas both technologically and in terms of business, by meeting many experienced people. These exchanges have been very successful, even if they have not all come to fruition. This European crossroads is particularly fruitful in that regard – in a limited space, there are many experts in all areas of the Digital Economy meeting and sharing their experiences and research to stimulate business projects.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs who intend to accelerate their businesses?

The simplest piece of advice for entrepreneurs, whether based in a European country or abroad, is to carry out their prospecting or benchmarking by experimenting with the professional local dialogue and by pushing their exploration towards competing initiatives or “cooperatives.” These are easy to identify quickly through the diversity of networks and the multitude of contacts made through experts and businessmen, local or in transit to seek innovation, and some sensible partnerships. There are innumerable scientific and professional events in Luxembourg that make it possible to take the temperature of the regional market and make knowledge conducive to the advancement of personal reflections: numerous entrepreneurs, inventive curiosity of qualified communities, contacts organized with numerous European experts, an excellent culture prepared for cyber security, the digital economy, financial engineering, logistics, business and IT services, and international trading.

A final sentiment you’d like to share with Luxembourg?

Digital Luxembourg is boosting the inflow of innovation.

Editor’s note: This is sponsored news, which means it has been written by one of our partners, which in this case is InnoHub Luxembourg. If you would like to learn more about advertorial posts on Silicon Luxembourg, contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities.
(InnoHub Luxembourg’s 1st Anniversary on June 14, 2017 / Image Credit: Pierre Levy)

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