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Silent Breach Strengthens Its Presence In The US

After almost 3 years of activities from Luxembourg, Silent Breach is leaving the Technoport office and focuses on growing the US market.

“We opened our Luxembourg office in 2018 within Technoport incubator. The ecosystem for companies in the cybersecurity space in Luxembourg is incredible, I learned a lot from local entities and companies such as the Technoport, the CIRCL and the different discussion groups and security events in the country.” said the CEO & Founder Marc Castejon.

Today the cybersecurity company has 17 employees globally, and also offices in Singapore, USA, and Estonia.

Hi Marc, what is the unique selling proposition of Silent Breach?

Silent Breach is about network security and digital asset protection. We strive to be one step ahead of hackers to keep our client’s businesses safe. Our unique selling proposition is turn key solutions that combines cutting edge security services (Penetration testing, cloud security audits, etc.) and unique and home-grown products (Quantum Armor attack surface management tool, Quantum Training online phishing training and prevention, etc.).

What are the main milestones that characterized your startup journey?

We entered the market by offering only services, this was key to start talking to customers about their needs, and better understand the market. By end of 2018, we were already generating a quarter of a million dollars in revenue, Early 2019, we injected this cash into a development team to build a product (Quantum Armor) while we continued to grow our revenue with services. Product selling in 2020 has taking Silent Breach to a new level and the ability to grow much faster.

What is the main lesson learned from your entrepreneurial experience? Would you change something looking back?

Knowing your market is key to success, there is no point offering products or services that don’t meet any demand. Regarding the financing, we fully bootstrapped so far. I don’t think I would change anything, bootstrapping your own company surely brings a lot of additional challenges but there is always time for investors to join the venture once success starts knocking on the door.

What are the next plans for Silent Breach?

We just opened a third US office in Tampa, Florida, (the others are in New York and St Petersburg) to support our rapid growth in this area. The US offers more opportunities right now for a hyper growth of Silent Breach. The cybersecurity market is very dynamic in US, the budgets allocated to security reach a whole new scale considering the demand there.

Also, at the moment we are quite active in Japan, we plan to open an office in Tokyo in Q4 if everything goes well, to cover that market specifically. Our Singapore office will continue to serve as our headquarter in ASIAPAC though.

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