Driving Connectivity: A Conversation With Julien Larios, Technical Director At MyConnectivity

Julien Larios, Technical Director at MyConnectivity (Photo © MyConnectivity G.I.E.)

Embark on a discussion with Julien Larios, Technical Director at MyConnectivity, exploring the organization’s first-year growth. Learn about ongoing projects addressing telecom standards and connectivity gaps, and get a glimpse of upcoming initiatives like a connectivity label and an efficient digital platform for in-building infrastructure management.

In MyConnectivity’s first year, what significant achievements and changes have characterized the organization’s evolution?

In our first year, MyConnectivity has seen remarkable growth. We’ve assembled a skilled team of 7 experts dedicated to enhancing connectivity in Luxembourg. Notably, we launched the Advisory Community, uniting industry stakeholders for collaborative solutions. Hosting 5 events this year, we’ve set the stage for more in 2024. Additionally, we recently launched our website, which aims to serve as a knowledge hub, offering information to consumers and insights to industry professionals into Luxembourg’s telecom landscape, and showcasing our activities.

“MyConnectivity is gearing up for the future with several exciting initiatives. One of them is the development of a connectivity label […]”

Julien Larios, Technical Director at MyConnectivity

Can you highlight the ongoing projects that are shaping MyConnectivity’s mission, and how do they contribute to the organization’s goals?

MyConnectivity is actively engaged in several projects that align with our mission. In collaboration with ILNAS, we created the technical committee ILNAS TC/108. This initiative sets new standards for telecommunications cabling techniques in residential buildings, creating a foundation for training, auditing, and various industry activities.

The Future Workshop, scheduled for December 14th, is an exciting event that fosters innovation and discussions around tomorrow’s connectivity.

Moreover, we collaborate with LNDS and ILR to address the last 5% of Luxembourg not covered by any very high-capacity network (VHCN). We’re building a series of tools which enable the automatic discovery and classification of these Whitespots, a project you can learn more about at the Data Summit Luxembourg & Schengen-X on December 4th.

Looking forward, what can the community anticipate from MyConnectivity in the near future? Are there upcoming projects or strategic directions you can share insights on?

MyConnectivity is gearing up for the future with several exciting initiatives. One of them is the development of a connectivity label, comparable to the energy label already in use in Luxembourg. We’re closely aligned with the EU’s gigabit infrastructure act, which aims to ensure that by 2030, all EU households have access to high-speed fixed networks. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of this act and its implications for connectivity in Luxembourg.

Another noteworthy endeavour is the creation of a digital platform for vertical cabling inventory within building telecom infrastructures. This platform will streamline the management and maintenance of in-building connectivity, enhancing efficiency and service quality.

MyConnectivity’s mission is to accelerate the country’s progress towards digitalisation and connectivity and to ensure that everyone who lives and works in Luxembourg can participate in this development. MyConnectivity is a politically, commercially and technologically neutral entity initiated by the Luxembourg government and LU-CIX GIE in December 2021.

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