Elevating Customer Experience At Tango: An Interview With Amélie Fiorito

Amélie Fiorito, Tango’s Head of Consumer Experience (Photo © Silicon Luxembourg/Stephanie Jabardo)

Amélie Fiorito, Tango’s Head of Consumer Experience, discusses the crucial role she plays in creating customer-centric journeys. Amélie Fiorito emphasizes Tango’s commitment to simplicity, feedback, and innovative tools like the MyTango app. Explore the strategies that drive Tango’s mission for an optimum customer experience.

What is your role at Tango?

As Head of Customer Experience (CX) at Tango, my role is to ensure that customer is at the centre of every journey we design and as a result that each steps we make is towards make it easier for our customers.

How does Tango ensure customer-centricity and satisfaction?

First and foremost, by listening to our customers. Their feedback is one of our most important sources of improvement. Whether it’s through the team of business developers led by Maikel Fernandes or through satisfaction forms, every piece of feedback is important. 

Second, the role of CX is to ensure that every initiative that reaches our customers is conceived, developed and launched with maximum customer centricity with all relevant stakeholders, the right level of detail and communication. To achieve this, we have developed a number of methodologies, processes and tools that enable us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

What strategies drive CX-optimized journeys and impact satisfaction at Tango?

We want to focus on easiness for all our customers and most importantly for SME customers, for whom communication and connectivity, alongside expertise, are essential to running their business.

We anticipate customer mindset in order to ensure the deliver the right result depending on their journey with us. Our customers appreciate that, 80% of our SME customers declare to be happy with our level of reactivity. We have a dedicated SME for support and our Sales are supporting their customers throughout sales and onboarding process, even beyond when required.

“Digitalisation is important to us because it gives our customers a high degree of independence in the management of their subscriptions.”

Amélie Fiorito, Tango’s Head of Consumer Experience

How are NPS, CSAT, and CES metrics used to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty?

We use these metrics to set our targets in order to ensure strict focus to deliver right level of satisfaction, loyalty & optimum experience. As a result, these indicators are monitored and communicated monthly to all levels within the organization with low level KPIs relevant for the process & operations and high level KPis more related to strategy and vision delivery. In addition to the KPIs monitoring, there is no claim or verbatim which is not read and addressed. When we can take immediate action and /or call back the customer we do so. All our listening points are connected to our care team with a clear mechanism allowing reaction to solve the issue and response to our customers.

What initiatives prioritize customer satisfaction in Tango’s strategy?

As mentioned before, easiness is an aspect of the experience we strive for. Nowadays digitalization is considered to be at the heart of delivering the best experience.. At Tango we rather go for a phy-gital approach. As much as digitalization will support the access to our service & support 24/7 over chatbot and selfcare, we still believe that the human touch and the ability to speak to someone when you need it is key to customer satisfaction. We love being connected and available to our customers. 

How does digitalization, including the MyTango app, affect accessibility and satisfaction?

Digitalisation is important to us because it gives our customers a high degree of independence in the management of their subscriptions, in particular through the MyTango app, making it easy to pay their bills, activate or deactivate options or access their account data and information. Digital tools also offer flexibility, which is essential for our business customers, for example by making it easy to book appointments or meet with our Sales professionals via video conference.

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