ESG Data Solution Wequity Expands Into Luxembourg

Founders Franck-Victor Laurant and Gabriel Levie (Photo: © Wequity)

Wequity, a Belgian startup automating ESG data extraction, analysis and reporting, is expanding into Luxembourg following a successful €1.1M seed funding round.

Founded in 2021 by Gabriel Levie and Franck-Victor Laurant, Wequity develops data solutions to enable investors and companies to implement their sustainability commitments. 

“This strategic move marks a pivotal milestone with a primary focus on establishing trust and a robust foundation among clients in the Luxembourg market,” the firm wrote in a statement. 

Before establishing its base, it participated in EYNovation, EY’s startup accelerator based in Luxembourg. 

“This move is of paramount importance as it not only showcases Wequity’s commitment to European expansion but also positions the company to serve a broader clientele. Furthermore, Wequity’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge ESG solutions aligns seamlessly with EU requirements such as the SFDR, CSRD, and the EU Taxonomy,” the statement outlines.

The announcement comes as Wequity announced the release of advanced AI capabilities in its ESG Due Diligence and ESG Reporting solutions, enabling clients to save significant amounts of time in reporting and data management, and improve their efficiency and accuracy.

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