F4A Features On Times Square

The Luxembourg-based startup that has made the fight against food waste its watchword keeps rising up the ladder. Multi awarded and selected by the startup program of Nasdaq in the United States, its founder had her moment of glory on the famous Times Square in New York. The team, however, Is staying humble as two new stores join its network of partners this week.

Photo: Ilana Devillers, founder of F4A features on Times Square in New York / Credits © F4A

Three months ago, we announced the selection F4A for the Milestone Makers program in the Nasdaq Entrepreneurship Center (see our article F4A selected by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center). After a studious summer, its founder was featured beside all the other graduates with her presentation on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square.

The start of the new school year promises to be busy for the team as it announces the launch of its new brand, new services and the extension of its network of partner supermarkets. And that’s all there is to it!

“Covid-19 has impacted our lives, our work environment but most of all, our consumption habits. This period has allowed us to value the colossal work accomplished by the supermarket chain that allows us all to eat every day”, says Ilana Devillers, the startup’s founder.

“More than ever, F4A is convinced that by providing mass distribution with concrete and efficient tools and accompanying them in their digital transition, they will have the necessary tools to sensitize consumers against the waste of products with a short shelf life”, continues the entrepreneur who does not have her tongue in her pocket. “This way, food waste could be avoided and access to quality food for all could be improved”.

In spite of the uncertainty in which we are currently living, Covid-19 has neither stopped nor slowed down the fight against food waste. As of this week, F4A will be able to count on two new partner supermarkets of the Delhaize network – in Alzingen and Strassen respectively.

Big changes have been observed these last few months. Consumers want to consume more thoughtfully and are on the lookout for environmentally friendly solutions. They want to support companies committed to an ecological transition. It seems essential today to have the best cards in hand to get through the economic, social and food crises affecting consumers and distributors, which confirms the need to fight against food waste while reducing inequalities (see our article F4A: Change the way you eat).

“Our solutions meet these needs. We improve accessibility to quality food by giving better visibility to expired products through our F4A application,” says Ilana Devillers. “F4A is the best ally for supermarkets that want to be part of this approach that affects the consumers of the future. Thanks to the F4A app and to our community that is growing every day, we have helped 80% of the products we sell in the short term. Consumers simply download the F4A app, add the desired products to their shopping list, and go straight to the store. Adopting F4A means saving money while taking an eco-responsible approach”. That’s what she said!

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