FinConnect: Your Accountant 4.0

The digitalisation of services affects all sectors and traditional players, including accountants. When switching from paper to digital, there is a single shift but multiple of technical and regulatory challenges. A professional in the financial sector, FinCorp has developed a tool that allows its clients to manage their accounting in real time and allows internal teams to save significant time on encoding and processing information.

How does one make a recurring laborious task attractive and intuitive? Accounting, like insurance or banking, has been dramatically affected by digitalization and the ever-increasing need to provide accurate and verified information in real time. After several months of development with an external partner, FinCorp has upgraded its existing solution to a more intuitive platform: FinConnect.

This new platform offers several new features to its customers: the ability to download or scan any accounting document directly (expense reports, invoices, credit notes, etc.), to encode invoices automatically, and to plan payments. The implementation of a clear and understandable dashboard offers customers the possibility to follow the state of their finances and the development of their businesses in real time.

“The platform has been integrated into our accounting solution. Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is constantly running and makes it possible to immediately identify suppliers, customers, and the amounts that appear on accounting documents,” explains Frédéric Depireux, Chief Financial Officer at FinCorp.

“The digitalization of the encoding process offers us enormous time saving that we can then pass on to attractive pricings. Thanks to FinConnect we can focus on higher value-added services and provide a more qualitative service to our customers.”

Photo: Alexandre Minetti, Manager Tax Compliance at Finimmo Luxembourg © Finimmo Luxembourg

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